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Hey everyone! I am Tony and welcome to my new website. I have created this website just to help you guys to decide which products to buy and not to buy for your summer houses or country side homes. Such products include outdoor furniture, outside storage, string trimmers and may more. Now all these products can be very heavy for your wallet; so based on my reviews of these products you can choose your desired one. Here is a synopsis of the outdoor products which I am going to review.

String Trimmers

Black-&-Decker-LST136WNow those of us who have lawns or gardens, we are quite familiar with the string trimmers. They are used to trim grass weed or bush to bring the gardens into shape.

The mechanism behind the string trimmers is that it has a cutting head, which contains a monofilament line that becomes stiff when turned at great speeds. The motor which can be either electrical or gasoline, turns the cutting head and the grass or weed is trimmed.

The electric ones, either with cords or cordless, are powered by rechargeable batteries. These are lighter and can be hand held. They have much lower back time and needs to be recharged and the ones with cords have limited movement. Although the gasoline ones are heavier, they can be used for longer periods.

The proper use of string trimmers can enhance the beauty of a garden by precisely timing it.

Lawn Mowers

Black & Decker CM1936Another important tool or machine to keep your favorite garden neat and tidy is a lawn mower.

Their general function is to cut the grass in your lawns or gardens by revolving the steel blades powered by the engines inside them. They help to maintain an accurate and precise level of the grass.

There is quite a handful of lawn mower types. They can have either of the two types of blades, blades rotating on horizontal axis or vertical axis. Now the lawn mowers themselves can vary from having electrical engines to gasoline engines. They can be hand pushed over the lawns or can be driven on. They can be started by pulling a wire or simply pressing a switch. Now today’s technology, even gifts us with robotic lawn mowers that do the job automatically.


shedNow if you own a country home, storage is a must to keep all your valuable tools, equipment and necessary goods safely.

There are many types of outdoor storage units. For instance, an outdoor storage shed can have many variants depending on the size, material used for making it, decorations and color. It might also depend on the practicality of the shed. Depending on the area where you want to keep it, might also be an important factor in choosing the correct one.

There are also other storage options such as deck storage boxes which are also very handy and practical. Depending on the size, designs, colors and textures you might have an end to your storage problems in a stylish way. You can even install lockers if you have proper space for them. They are also available in multiple colors and sizes.

Outdoor Furniture

Strathwood St. Thomas Cast-Aluminum Fire Pit with TableYou usually visit the countryside to relax and have a good time. And what can be better than sitting in the backyard observing the silence or having a fine family time under the bright sky?

For that fun family bonding time during the cold chilly nights you will definitely require a fire pit table on your patio. You will find many variations with very unique designs that will surely compliment your outdoor area. You can also have outdoor aluminum dining tables which are very sleek and sturdy. They are easy to clean and maintain and will also look good on your patio. Both types of tables above have various possible seating arrangements. You can even find a combination of the two tables together.

You will find various recliners on the market. There are ones made of foam, cane, leather, wood or combinations of all the above. Recliners help to add an extra level of comfort when you are relaxing on them.

Products for Dogs

Now let’s talk about the needs of man’s best friend.

NOZTONOZ-Sof-Krate-1You will be amazed to see how much variation dog houses can have. The types of dog houses vary according to the size; they can be made from wood, metal or plastic. They even vary relying on the decorations and colors available. For different breeds or different heights or sizes of dogs, there are different dog houses. Some examples include, pitched roof, single panel flat roof, loft roof, barrel shaped, portable tent style dog houses.

If your dog has a house, it will also need a bed! There are actually more types of dog beds available than human beds. There are standard dog beds which are a lot like cushions with no borders round them. Donut dog beds are like cushion beds, but have an extra pillow rim all around. There are even beds that cool and heat up giving your dog the extra oomph and comfort it needs.



So you see there is a buffet of products out there and by regularly checking my website you will undoubtedly know which product you should select.

Best Portable Air Conditioner Reviews 2014

If there is one thing that I hate, it would be the heat during the summer season. I find it uncomfortable to work and sleep at such extreme temperature. Luckily, there are different best portable air conditioners that will provide the best solution to my problem.

One of the reasons why I like these kinds of air conditioners is the fact that they are compact in terms of size. It will not consume too much space anywhere it is placed. Even if I live in a small house, these appliances will still prove to be functional.

I also believe that they will be the ideal option if you value flexibility. In my case, I am not only given the chance to have it used as an air conditioner, but also as a fan and room dehumidifier. In some other models, it is also possible for such to function as a portable heater.

Honeywell MM14CCSThe best portable air conditioners are also good because they do not require any installation. In my case, I hate DIY jobs that will require tools and effort in order to setup a particular appliance. Luckily, with these products, all I need to do is have them plugged in  and automatically enjoy their cooling effect. I can also put it in my truck and take it to my summer house.

Like me, if you also want the portability and functionality of these air conditioners, just read this article and you will have a better idea on how to end up with the best choice.

Air Conditioner Most Important Features

If you want the best choice within this product category, I suggest that you consider the following before settling with a final decision:

Air Flow: Make sure to decide whether you would want the air to be dispersed in horizontal or vertical direction from where the unit is placed.

Ease of Use: I personally do not want a portable air conditioner with elaborate controls and buttons. I suggest that you look for a model that has easily accessible controls and easy to navigate interface so that it will be a snap to use such.

Timer: This has helped me a lot in terms of energy efficiency. It has given me the freedom to choose on the duration at which I want the unit to be functional.

Energy Efficiency: To reduce your electricity bills, make sure that the model chosen does not consume too much energy. I prioritize units that can be operated in energy-saving mode.

Dehumidifier: This is an add-on feature that will prove to be nice. It can help in making sure that you breathe fresh air while the right level of temperature is being maintained.

Fresh Air Function: With this, the portable air conditioner can function only by providing you the ventilation that is needed in the absence of producing a cooling effect.

Portable Air Conditioner vs Window Air Conditioner vs Evaporative Air Cooler vs Oscillating Fan

I am the recommending the use of portable air conditioners if you are on the lookout for a product that can provide a cooling effect, yet such appliance can be easily transferred from one location to another and will no longer need to be installed.

On the other hand, if you want more powerful cooling performance, as well as if you have the time and effort t spare for installation, you might want to consider the window-type air conditioners instead. One of the models I can recommend is the Frigidaire FRA064VU1.

Do you want your room to be cooled without spending too much on electricity bills? In this case, I suggest buying evaporative air conditioners, just like the SPT SF-609. The products within this category make use of water to produce a cooling effect.

The most economical option, however, would be the oscillating fan. They are cheap and consume minimal energy. You can consider the Lasko 4916 Desktop Wind Tower Oscillating Fan.

Dual Hose vs Single Hose Portable Air Conditioners

If you have made up your mind that you will settle for portable air conditioners, one of the first things that I suggest you should do is to decide on whether you want a dual hose or single hose.

I am recommending the use of single hose models if you are working on a tight budget and if you are looking for something that will be used in a small room. The air that is produced by such is pulled only from the room at which it is used, which makes it less effective if it is placed on a larger space.

On the other hand, if you have the money to spare, I recommend that you go for the dual hose portable air conditioners. One hose pulls air from the room, while the other hose brings it back after having it cooled. This results into a better capability to cool larger spaces.

Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioners

Whynter ARC-14SOne model that I can personally recommend in this product category is the Whynter ARC-14S. With 14,000 BTU, its cooling power will be more than enough for a room that is as big as 500 square feet. It is also multi-functional as it can be used as dehumidifier and fan.

Another model that I like is the Whynter ARC-14SH, which can also deliver 14,000 BTU. I like the fact that it is equipped with casters, making it a lot easier for you to have it transferred from one place to another.

Lastly, you might be also interested in checking out Whynter ARC-12SD, which has 12,000 BTU. If you are like me who gets annoyed with units that make loud noise when operating, this will be a good choice as it has a very quiet motor.

Single Hose Portable Air Conditioners

Frigidaire FRA053PU1On the other hand, if you need portable air conditioners for smaller rooms, one of the choices that I can suggest is the Haier CPN12XH9. Aside from being a dehumidifier, air conditioning, and fan, it can also be functional as a heater during the cold season.

The Black & Decker BPC08CJ is another good option. This is good if you like being able to customize the functionality of appliances. It has three different settings for fan and cooling mode. The louvers can also be easily adjusted depending on the direction of airflow that is preferred.

Lastly, the Frigidaire FRA053PU1 is also an option that I am sure you will not regret making. It can easily cool a room that has a size of 216 square feet. It also comes with antimicrobial mesh filter, which will make sure that you breathe fresh air all the time.