Hey everyone! I am Tony and welcome to my new website – countrylife4me.com.

I have created this website just to help you guys to decide which products to buy and not to buy for your summer houses or country side homes. Such products include outdoor furniture, outside storage, string trimmers and may more.

Now all these products can be very heavy for your wallet; so based on my reviews of these products you can choose your desired one. Here is a synopsis of the outdoor products which I am going to review.

String Trimmers

Black-&-Decker-LST136WNow those of us who have lawns or gardens, we are quite familiar with the string trimmers. They are used to trim grass weed or bush to bring the gardens into shape.

The mechanism behind the string trimmers is that it has a cutting head, which contains a monofilament line that becomes stiff when turned at great speeds. The motor which can be either electrical or gasoline, turns the cutting head and the grass or weed is trimmed.

The electric ones, either with cords or cordless, are powered by rechargeable batteries. These are lighter and can be hand held. They have much lower back time and needs to be recharged and the ones with cords have limited movement. Although the gasoline ones are heavier, they can be used for longer periods.

The proper use of string trimmers can enhance the beauty of a garden by precisely timing it.

Lawn Mowers

Black & Decker CM1936Another important tool or machine to keep your favorite garden neat and tidy is a lawn mower.

Their general function is to cut the grass in your lawns or gardens by revolving the steel blades powered by the engines inside them. They help to maintain an accurate and precise level of the grass.

There is quite a handful of lawn mower types. They can have either of the two types of blades, blades rotating on horizontal axis or vertical axis. Now the lawn mowers themselves can vary from having electrical engines to gasoline engines. They can be hand pushed over the lawns or can be driven on. They can be started by pulling a wire or simply pressing a switch. Now today’s technology, even gifts us with robotic lawn mowers that do the job automatically.


Snow Blowers

Husqvarna 961930096Although you own a summer home or a countryside home, you might want to go there during the winter season as well. As you enter your area, you may be welcomed by a sad, gloomy lawn and porch completely covered in snow. But there is nothing to worry, because you can always use a snow blower to blow off that unwanted snow off your beautiful garden.

We are going to review all types of snow blowers so that you can easily know which is the best fit for removing all that snow from your house.

There are two types of snow blowers and in short they will be described in the following.

One uses single-stage mechanism and the other one uses a two-stage mechanism. The first mechanism involves a rotor or an impeller that rotates very fast to suck in all the snow and discharges them out. The two-stage version has a bit more critical mechanism. This type contains an auger and an impeller; the former takes in the snow and the latter blows it out.

Within these two alternatives, there are many options for the type of energy they use. The power input can be from electric, gasoline or diesel engines.

Therefore, keep an ear open to know more about snow blowers.

Garden Tillers and Cultivators

Best Garden TillersIf you’re living in the countryside or have a summer home, it’s likely that you have a garden to add to the beauty. And with having a garden comes the added responsibility of tending to it and keeping it clean. You would need to mow and trim the grass, first of all. Here are some of the tiller products that you’d probably want to look-up first.

Garden tillers are available online and the brands available range from Sun Joe to Earthquake and Earthwise; the prices range from around $100 to a modest $200, garden claws from Garden Weasel are also available for a much cheaper price. Amazon also seems to offer used items for a lower price, and if you shopped around more, you’d probably find free shipping available products, though that varies.

The products are available with a range of different motor powers and blade ranges. The power-range varies from 6-10 amperes and the blades are usually within a 9-14 inch cutting width to allow faster trimming. Added to that, the products usually are light-weight and have easy handling.

So, while you’re shopping for gardening tools, it’s best to have a tiller included, and these should be the first one you should browse through.

Gardening Tools

It is natural to have a garden in your summer home or countryside home. Gardening can be a very fun and interactive activity. In fact, for many, it’s a passion.

CobraCo DPBCB24-B 24-Inch Canterbury Adjustable Deck Railing PlanterSo, before you put on your gardening attire, make sure you have all the tools that you need to have a fantastic gardening experience. Keep a track of this website and you will know which set of tools suit you for your particular horticultural needs.

There are a many types of gardening tools which include all types of manual and power variants. Each tool has been made for a particular function and it should be used accordingly.

For instances, in case of digging soil you can use a shovel or a spade; for mixing soil, a garden fork will be handy. The most common tool for digging the earth for planting small plants is a trowel. You will also need a watering bucket and a garden hose to water the plants.

In case of power tools, you will require the assistance of chainsaws, automatic water sprinklers, lawn mowers, even mini tractors. Lastly, do not forget safety gears such as gloves and goggles to protect your hands and eyes. No matter what, safety always comes first.


shedNow if you own a country home, storage is a must to keep all your valuable tools, equipment and necessary goods safely.

There are many types of outdoor storage units. For instance, an outdoor storage shed can have many variants depending on the size, material used for making it, decorations and color. It might also depend on the practicality of the shed. Depending on the area where you want to keep it, might also be an important factor in choosing the correct one.

There are also other storage options such as deck storage boxes which are also very handy and practical. Depending on the size, designs, colors and textures you might have an end to your storage problems in a stylish way. You can even install lockers if you have proper space for them. They are also available in multiple colors and sizes.

Outdoor Furniture

Strathwood St. Thomas Cast-Aluminum Fire Pit with TableYou usually visit the countryside to relax and have a good time. And what can be better than sitting in the backyard observing the silence or having a fine family time under the bright sky?

For that fun family bonding time during the cold chilly nights you will definitely require a fire pit table on your patio. You will find many variations with very unique designs that will surely compliment your outdoor area. You can also have outdoor aluminum dining tables which are very sleek and sturdy. They are easy to clean and maintain and will also look good on your patio. Both types of tables above have various possible seating arrangements. You can even find a combination of the two tables together.

You will find various recliners on the market. There are ones made of foam, cane, leather, wood or combinations of all the above. Recliners help to add an extra level of comfort when you are relaxing on them.

Portable Air Conditioners

Although it is a summer house, nobody likes a very hot weather, especially when it starts to get on to your nerves. You might have fans installed on the ceilings, but sometimes the heat gets out of hand, crossing the limit of tolerance.

Honeywell MM14CCSIn such case it will be wise to get a portable air conditioner. You will get to know a lot about them from the various reviews on our website.

So why would you choose one? First of all, you can take it anywhere you want, it is moveable. Fixing the conventional window type or split type air conditioners can be very expensive, so the portable ones are a cheaper option. Basically, they work in a similar way like the everyday A/Cs. They also require outlet hoses to let the warm air out of the room through the windows.

There are many types available in the market and such variations are due to the following factors:

  • Firstly, the plug type which is related to the amperage and voltage
  • British Thermal Units (BTUs) which is the power consumption unit
  • Some even have special features like dehumidifying the air
  • And lastly, the water drainage system for removing the excess water

Pet Supplies

Most of us have dogs these days. As they say, a dog is a man’s best friend, and so it is impossible to go to your countryside home or summer home without your dog. We simply cannot leave them elsewhere.

But all dog owners know that having and taking care of a dog is quite a huge responsibility. Therefore, it is important that you make sure you have all your pet supplies before you set off to your summer home.

NOZTONOZ-Sof-Krate-1On our website we will be helping you figure out which are the best things that will fulfil your dogs’ canine wishes.

First of all you will need a home or kennel for your dog. Although there are many out there in the market, you need to come to a decision depending on the breed of your dog, its size, the material of the hut you’re looking for, etc. if you want to keep your dog inside the house, there are also special beds available too.

As you are traveling, you will also need travel and safety gears, carrying cases, leashes and many more. Lastly, and essentially, do not forget to take their food or special dog treats into consideration, without which your best friend’s holiday will be completely ruined.