By Mary | March 29, 2020

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Hey everyone! My name is Tony! Welcome to my new gardening and lawncare website –!

When we bought our summer house and started furnishing it, we realized how difficult it is to choose the right gardening tools, outdoor furniture, and storage, things for our pets. We went thru long lists of options for every purchase, reading tons of customer reviews online.

That is the reason why I decided to create this website. I will share the information we gathered shopping for stuff for our home. I hope it will make help you make easier buying decisions when you will be looking for furnishings and yard tools for summer house or garden.

Now all these products can be hefty for your wallet; so based on my reviews of these products you can choose your desired one. Here is a synopsis of the outdoor products which I am going to review.

Hey! I’m just a regular guy living in the countryside and enjoying life!

I was born in a small town (population 10,000) where I went to grade school and nearby high-school. Then my parents convinced me that I should go to college, and off I went.

Fast forward 20 years or so…I am a single dad who got tired of the big city lights and decided to return to the countryside.

It was not to easy to start from scratch. But we should start somewhere, right? There was a lot to learn, many new habits to acquire, tons of old habits to forget. And that is what my blog is about.

Want to say something? Do it!

Gardening is not only a perfect leisure activity, but it is also going to bring you a lot closer to nature.

You can indulge yourself in turning your garden into a masterpiece, which will speak your heart and mind. Ornamental plants will enhance the beauty of the garden with their vibrant flowers and foliage.

Your garden can also be used for planting various fruits, vegetables, and herbs which will bring a variety to your everyday meals.

Those of you who want to embrace the passion for gardening, you do need to have a good set of tools. We will have full reviews on each of the different gardening tools in detail. Here is a quick guide to a few of the tools that you will require.

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