What Is The Best Small Garden Tiller For The Money In 2023?

By Mary | Updated: March 24, 2023
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Creating flower beds the old-fashion way using a fork is back-breaking. These Best Garden Tillers 2023 do the nice edging and the tilling!

Tilling has never been so easy before. These tools are easy to use in any situation such as starting a new garden or recovering an old lawn.

Turn over a raised bed for the garden in a few minutes easily, much more helpful than doing it with hand tools. Using a good tiller all planting tasks and dirt removal projects will go faster an easier.

These are easy to assemble, very easy to start, quiet, and fuel efficient. These tillers have power to do most of the work for you, very maneuverable, making cultivating an easy chore. Gardeners love these machines because of their functionality and reliability.

Be very happy with these gardening tools and be constantly amazed by its power.

Please keep reading to learn about the top rated and most popular earth tiller brands.

Why Tiler?

If you’re living in the countryside or have a summer home, it’s likely that you have a garden to add to the beauty. And with having a garden comes the added responsibility of tending to it and keeping it clean. You would need to mow and trim the grass, first of all. Here are some of the tiller products that you’d probably want to look-up first.

Best garden tillers are available online and the brands available range from Sun Joe to Earthquake and Earthwise; the prices range from around $100 to a modest $200, garden claws from Garden Weasel are also available for a much lower price. Amazon also seems to offer used items for a lower price, and if you shopped around more, you’d probably find free shipping available products, though that varies.

The products are available with a range of different motor powers and blade ranges. The power-range varies from 6-10 amperes, and the blades are usually within a 9-14 inch cutting width to allow faster trimming. Added to that, the products typically are light-weight and have easy handling.

So, while you’re shopping for gardening tools, it’s best to have a tiller included, and these should be the first one you should browse through.

Popular Small Tiller Brands

Sun Joe

Sun Joe Tillers are designed to quickly and easily loosen dirt for effective planting, cutting through the roughest terrain. These tillers are also designed with safety and comfort in mind, featuring a safety switch that prevents accidental start-ups, as well as a pair of oversized, ergonomic handles. Additionally, these tillers have a unique folding-handle design, making them easy to store in your garage, shed, or truck, taking up minimal space.


Mantis Tillers are built to last and will keep you gardening all year round. These tillers feature a powerful engine, durable tines, and a compact profile, making them ideal for creating new gardens, tilling in narrow rows and raised beds, or along fences. Whether you’re a first-time gardener breaking through new ground or a veteran green thumb, these tillers will help you maintain a bountiful garden for years to come. Mantis tillers are amazingly powerful, reliable, extremely quiet, utilize push-button priming for easier starting, and are easy to maneuver, carry and transport.

Troy Bilt

Troy Bilt Tillers are simple to start with just the push of a button and are lightweight for improved ease of use. These tillers easily till your yard and make a crisp bed edge. With electric convenience for easy soil preparation, there’s no cord to pull or gas to mix. These tillers can also be converted quickly and easily from a standard push cultivator to an edger, with no tools required.


Popular Small Tiller Models

Here’s a comparison table for 10 popular small garden tillers with relative price ratings:

Small Garden Tiller Engine Size Tilling Width Tilling Depth Weight Price Rating
Earthquake MC43 Mini Cultivator Tiller 43 cc 10 in 8 in 33 lbs $
Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch 13.5 AMP Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator 13.5 AMP 16 in 8 in 27.1 lbs $
Schiller Grounds Care Mantis 4-Cycle Tiller Cultivator 25 cc 9 in 10 in 24 lbs $$$
Greenworks 10-Inch 8 Amp Corded Tiller 8 AMP 10 in 5 in 29 lbs $
Honda FG110 9″ 25 cc 4-Cycle Middle Tine Forward-Rotating Gas Mini Tiller-Cultivator 25 cc 9 in 8 in 25 lbs $$$
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Tiller (LGC120) 20V 7 in 4 in 8.1 lbs $
Troy-Bilt TB146 EC 29cc 4-Cycle Cultivator with JumpStart Technology 29 cc 12 in 5 in 37.5 lbs $$$
Craftsman CMXGVAMKC29C 29cc 4-Cycle Gas Powered Cultivator 29 cc 9 in 6 in 26.4 lbs $$$
Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch 13.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator 13.5 AMP 16 in 8 in 32 lbs $
PowerSmart DB5023H 22 Inch 196cc Gas Powered Walk Behind High Wheel String Trimmer 196 cc 22 in 6 in 77 lbs $$$$


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of tilling a garden?

As we know, tilling usually is a procedure of digging, breaking and turning up soil. We do this in order to make the soil of the garden or the place more suitable for planting seed or cultivation. We could use tilling to mix components in soil.

One of its main uses is to loosen up the soil just enough for the seeds to easily penetrate layers of the ġround.

Another use of tilling is the automatic removal of weeds and shrubs. It is most necessary when the soil is clumped, aggregated or clayish.

How deep does a tiller till?

The depth of tilling the soil of a particular flowerbed depends on several factors. You could determine the texture of the soil, whether the dirt is very strongly aggregated or not as an indicator of how deep you could till.

It also depends greatly on when you are tilling the earth . You can usually till from a minimum of 2 inches to a maximum of 24 inches. For a first-year garden, you can till from 6-12 inches from the topsoil. For double digging, tillers can reach as deep as 24 inches.

What is the difference between a tiller and a cultivator?

If you are under the misconception that tillers and cultivators have the same purpose, you are badly mistaken. Tillers are gardening tools you can use to dig and break compact and moist soil. You can use them to loosen soil for making the garden bed ready for cultivation or planting.

On the other hand, cultivators are instruments that you can use for mixing ingredients into the ground, like compost, manure or fertilizers. You cannot use them to dig up or break soil but to grind broken soil finely.

What is a front tine tiller?

The front tine tiller is a gardening tool that is used for tilling a small garden space or allotment with a rather firm texture of soil that is not very compact or rock hard. You can differentiate this type of machinery from the others by simply noticing the compact size and lightweightedness.

Moreover, you can differentiate it with the most obvious feature i.e. the placement of the tines or the tiller structure which stays in front of the wheels. The wheel placement and size make taking short turns easy.

Rear-Tine vs Front Tine – What is the difference?

Rear-Tine Tillers are well-known for its ability to prepare finely milled, well-aerated and ready-to-plant flower beds and offer multiple other benefits.

These give you more power, more weight and larger tires for heavy-duty performance. So you can cover more ground faster. These are simple to operate and need just one hand!

Optional equipment can be added for increased gardening productivity.

These are fully equipped and ready for the heaviest-duty jobs in gardens, have enough power and added features that make these valuable tools even in nurseries, orchards, and small farms.