By Mary | May 22, 2018

The Essential Gardening Tools For Small Vegetable and Flower Gardens

Gardening is not only a very good leisure activity, but it is also going to bring you a lot closer to nature.

You can indulge yourself in turning your garden into a masterpiece, which will speak your heart and mind. Ornamental plants will enhance the beauty of your garden with their vibrant flowers and foliage.

Your garden can also be used for planting various fruits, vegetables, and herbs which will bring a variety to your everyday meals.

Those of you who want to embrace the passion for gardening, you do need to have a good set of tools. We will have full reviews on each of the different gardening tools in details. Here is a quick guide to a few of the gardening tools that you will require.

Planter Boxes

CobraCo DPBCB24-B 24-Inch Canterbury Adjustable Deck Railing PlanterFor gardening, you do not require an actual ‘garden’. There are planter boxes which help you to fulfill your horticultural needs in your home without the need of an open land.

They are great to be placed in cramped spaces as they will not occupy a lot of areas. Planters are available in multifarious sizes and you can choose according to the place where you will keep one.

Planter boxes nicely fit in the balconies, decks, patios or even on the windows. But you can place them outside of the house if you have space.

You can grow almost any sort of plant in such planter boxes from vegetables, herbs, flowers to even trees. Some of them can even be connected to the ceiling so that they hang in the air.

There are ones available with wheels at the bottom so that you can move the boxes around. In the market, there are plenty of planter boxes made of wood or plastic having very simple to intricate designs.

The materials will vary depending on whether they are made for inside or outside use.


In short, greenhouses are gardens which are inside houses made of glass. That is why greenhouses are also referred to as glasshouses at times. But there are also greenhouses which are made up of plastic, their walls and roofs are made of polyethylene films and polycarbonate materials.

They provide a better control over your gardening. As the sunlight enters the greenhouse, the air inside warms up; the heat inside it and near the ground is maintained by the warm glass or plastic walls and roofs.

Greenhouses are extremely beneficial for growing your plants, but you must make sure that proper ventilation is maintained inside them.

Appropriate air circulation will provide optimal humidity and temperature. Fresh air is extremely necessary for the plants to breathe and photosynthesize.

There are many variants of greenhouses available in the market based on different sizes, designs, and companies.


Husqvarna-455-Rancher-1These are the tools that you need for cutting down trees in your big garden. Using them you can cut down those branches of trees that make your garden look less tidy and neat.

Chainsaws do look scary and one should definitely operate them with care.

These are just like saws except for the fact that they work via small petrol engines. There is a roller chain on which numerous sharp teeth are attached, and as the motor is switched on to life, the chain rotates and chirps away all the wood.

Before you spend loads of money on a heavy-duty saw like Husqvarna 455 Rancher, make sure you get the chainsaw that is right for you.

The variation usually depends on the type of teeth and the chain. There are two types of teeth, round, and square. The chains vary in three ways, standard, semi skip and full skip; each has a decreasing number of teeth respectively.