Best String Trimmer Reviews 2018 – Top Rated Weed Wackers Compared

Using Electric String TrimmerWith the multiplicity of options that are available, it is important to take some time in order to evaluate and research on the choices that you will be confronted with.

Make sure to consider factors such as the type of the string trimmer, price, ease of use, features, brand, and durability, among other critical factors.

Best Electric String Trimmers

In order to keep your lawn clean and well-manicured, you should have one of the best electric string trimmers that are currently available in the market.

This will prove to be useful in being able to cut grass and other plants in a manner that is almost effortless on your part.

By reading the rest of this article, you will find it a lot easier to arrive at a well-informed decision.

This will allow you to have clearer insights in the evaluation of the best electric string trimmers.

Additionally, it will also provide you with knowledge regarding the differences between the corded and cordless string trimmers.

Features and Benefits of Cordless Weed Wackers

Among other things, one of the most important benefits of using cordless electric string trimmers is that they are easy to maneuver. They are perfect for working on a large lawn, basically because you can make it function anywhere, without the need to be near a plug that acts as a power source.

These weed trimmers are powered by rechargeable batteries that deliver sufficient power for the completion of the entire job. Make sure to choose the model that has high quality batteries, as such will provide you with an assurance that you will not run out of power while working.

The cordless trimmers are perfect for minimal trimming job, or for being able to cut errant grass and weeds. Keep in mind that they do not deliver as much power as the corded weed eaters, although they will never fail to keep your lawn clean and free from over-grown grass.

Features and Benefits of Corded String Trimmers

trimming 3If you want something that has more power, it will be best to choose corded string trimmers. The different models and brands of such are known for being able to handle more extensive grass-cutting tasks, including those that are hard.

When using corded weed trimmers, as the name suggests, there is a need for power source. It needs to be near a plug that will provide the motor with the energy that is needed to start functioning. The cords come in varying lengths, which means that they can cut in varying distances as well.

For you to be not limited with regards to distance when using corded string trimmers, you can use an extension cord in order to extend its reach. This will allow you to work on a larger area and tackle heavier grass and larger weed as against cordless string trimmers.

Black & Decker

Black-&-Decker-LST136WThe Power Drive Transmission Technology, an exclusive innovation that has been developed by Black & Decker, is one of the best things about their string trimmers. This provides the assurance that the motor is powerful enough to tackle various cutting and trimming needs of its users.

Comfort will also be enjoyed with the use of their grass trimmers. For instance, the Automatic Feed Spool makes it easy for the units to cut regardless of the width and length of grass. They are also made with well-designed handles in order to make sure that they can be maneuvered with ease.

If you want products that are flexible, which equates into being multi-functional, their different models will also prove to be ideal choices. This is basically because they can function as trimmer and edger, all in one device. One of models you should check out is Black & Decker LST300. B&D offers also 3-in-1 models like Black & Decker MTC220.


WORX-WG155The cordless string trimmers from Worx are powered with lithium batteries. The voltage differs based on the model that will be chosen. Regardless of the model, however, you can be guaranteed that the string trimmers will have sufficient supply of power for the task that will be completed.

These trimmers are also known for having different adjustable parts, which make them excellent when it comes to versatility. The adjustments that can be made will allow the trimmers to be perfect for the needs of every user, including the trimming that will be accomplished.

Users of the string trimmers from this manufacturer have reported that its use is hassle-free and a snap. There is no need to deal with complicated setup and controls. Even for those who have not done trimming in the past, the job will surely be easy when the trimmer used is made by Worx.


The grass trimmers that are produced by Greenworks will prove to be the perfect choice for people who are concerned about the impact of their actions to the environment. This is basically because all models produce zero carbon footprint, making them able to promote environmental sustainability.

Additionally, according to the different reviews about their weed trimmers, these products do not require tune-ups and maintenance. This means that it is effortless for their users to maintain the best possible quality of the product, even if they are used for a long time.

The ergonomic design of Greenworks weed eaters should also be highlighted. For instance, the Greenworks 21132A weighs only 8.59 pounds, making it lightweight. The shaft can also be adjusted, making it possible for you to choose the length that is desired.


Toro-51480One of the best choices among the string trimmers from Toro is 51480. This corded string trimmer is powered by a 5-amp motor that has the ability to handle cutting of wide and thick grass. It is also designed with an aluminum shaft that can resist rusting, making it more durable.

Another option that can be taken into account is the 51487. It s powered by 24-volt Max lithium-ion battery, which makes it possible to work even when away from a power source. If you want the battery to last longer, you can use the power saver feature of this unit.

Lastly, you can also consider the Toro 51467. This is also cordless and will prove to be perfect for a medium-sized lawn. Its battery, aside from being powerful, is also commended because of its mechanism to automatically prevent being overcharged.


Ryobi-ZRP2210The pivoting head is one of the things that should be lauded in the design of string trimmers from Ryobi. This means that you will find it a breeze to use the unit in challenging areas, such as in the case of steep land and slopes.

Additionally, many users have also expressed their high level of satisfaction is the telescoping shaft. People liked the fact that it makes trimming and edging more comfortable, even if such is done for a long time. This also makes it excellent in the promotion of the comfort of its user.

It is also common for people to give high ratings for Ryobi string trimmers because of the length of the battery life. This allows them to do more without the need to charge every now and then. More so, positive feedbacks were also given to the fact that their weed trimmers are easy to move around.


One of the best electric string trimmers from Earthwise is the CST00012. Among other things, this unit is a favorite because of not having an annoying sound when it is operated. It is very quiet, which will allow the user to be not distracted when trimming or edging.

Another possible option is the ST00015. This is powered by 6.25-amp motor. The power that is provided by such is sufficient enough to tackle thick weeds, without the unit failing. It is noted to be a reliable option, which means that the operation is continuous and will not accidentally stop out of nowhere.

Lastly, the LST10012 can also be included in your list of possible choices. The head of the trimmer can be adjusted in varying angles, giving you the option to choose the position that will work best. It also has telescoping shaft, making it adjustable based on the height that is personally preferred.


There are two other types of trimmers that will help you clean up your yards even quicker and without dealing with cables and batteries – they are gas powered trimmers and walk-behind trimmers.

Best Gas String Trimmers

Gas Powered Straight Shaft Grass TrimmerCheck out our selection of Best Gas String Trimmers 2018 for your exceptional yards. These give you the capability and freedom to tackle a range of jobs quickly and easily.

With these tool you can do everything from trimming hedges to clearing away excess branches in your backyard or lawn.

The lightweight design purposely reduce operator fatigue especially in a long operation and improve maneuverability.

These are perfect for every homeowner or residential lawn (unless your neighbors are complaining about the noise these machines are making – in this case electric trimmer will be better option) , as you on your own with the help of these tools could easily make your yard the envy of the whole neighborhood.

Come to always expect the best with these machines. As great yards/lawns demand equipment that are as dedicated and hardworking as you are, you’ll absolutely love these great trimmers!

Keep reading and you will learn about most popular gas powered grass trimmers from Husqvarna, Poulan, Hitachi and Tanaka, and Weed Eater.

Other manufacturers of gas trimmers not featured in this lens are Ryobi, Toro, Troy-Bilt, Shindaiwa, McCulloch, Kawasaki, and LEHR. Please leave a comment below if you want to know more about these brands as well!


Husqvarna-128DJxHusqvarna gas trimmers are lightweight multi purpose trimmers with ergonomic features in a straight shaft design. These are perfect for every landowner. These start easily and trouble free with Smart Start recoil system and fuel pump. Included are strong, braided wire cable drive and durable gear box offering increased reliability.


Poulan-Pro-PP125Poulan grass trimmers are equipped with attachments for doing multi purpose functions, perfect for homeowners who desire their backyard lawns to be well trimmed. These offer reliability and phenomenal performance. These are cost-efficient machines with high quality, power and durability, actually are the best value to homeowners in the market today.

Tanaka and Hitachi

Not so long ago Japanese company Hitachi who owns a power tools manufacturing sub-division bought another Japanese power tools manufacturer Tanaka. That is why there are several power tools that are available both with Hitachi and Tanaka badge.

Do trimming around gardens, porches, or walkways, or deal with big clean up jobs with these Tanaka and Hitachi String Trimmers. These are your ideal grass trimmers/brush cutters as these are powerful, lightweight, and versatile. These are designed to provide maximum versatility, exceptional value, and offer maximum strength and comfort.

Weed Eater

WeedEater-W25CFKWeed Eater string trimmers are lightweight trimmers that take out weeds quickly. These cut through stubborn weeds, vines, and thistle. The engines are easy to start, and these are designed to offer optimal handling, unsurpassed durability, longer tool life, and superb maneuverability to cover landscapes, your long fence lines and between plants.

If you have a larger lawn with uneven terrain, I suggest you to check out also walk-behind trimmers – they will make your job even easier.

Best Walk-Behind String Trimmer Reviews

My dad always said that in order to keep the lawn well-manicured, it is important to have the right tools and equipments that will make it possible for you to keep the surroundings clean. In this case, I suggest that you purchase a good trimmer that will allow you to control the growth of grass and make the surroundings look cleaner.

While there are many products that are available in the market, I personally recommend the check out some of the best walk behind gas string trimmers that are currently available in the marketplace, including those that will be mentioned in the rest of this article. Please note that this type of trimmer is not for everyone. Of you have small yard with limited spaces or flat terrain, you will better off with hand-held gas trimmer or even electric trimmer.

With the use of these trimmers, it will be almost effortless for you to cut grass or weed, no matter how thick or long they may be. You simply need to spare a portion of your time and effort for these tasks. This, of course, will be highly dependent on the brand and model that you will purchase.

If you want to make it easier for you to make the right choice within this product category, I recommend that you carefully consider the recommendations that are provided in the rest of this article. Although I have not personally used all of the models that will be mentioned below, the reviews and opinions shared by other people have been used as the basis for my recommendations.


Husqvarna-1One of the models from Husqvarna that I can recommend for those who are on the lookout for the ideal choice within this product category is the PPWT62522X. One thing that I like about this product is that it is hassle-free to launch its operations, which means that minimal effort will be required on your end before you can enjoy its superior functionality.

Also manufactured by Husqvarna, another model that can prove to be an ideal choice is the 22-inch high wheel trimmer. In looking for the best walk behind string trimmers, one of the most important factors that should be taken into account is the engine that powers the unit. In this case, one reason why I see this model as a good option is because it has a motor made by Briggs & Stratton, a name which has gained an excellent reputation in the marketplace because of its superior functionality.

Husqvarna-HU625HWT-Walk-Behind-String-TrimmerLastly, you might be also interested in taking a look at the Husqvarna HU625HWT model. Upon seeing its different features, one that I think make it a good model is the easily adjustable handle, which will make it possible to set it in a snap on the height that is desired, or which is most convenient for you. Also, this unit has a tough built, making it able to survive frequent use.


Poulan-2Poulan is another popular brand that I suggest. In many of the reviews that I have encountered in this product category, it cannot be denied that it is one of the most recommended. For many people, regardless of the model that is chosen, as long as it is manufactured by Poulan, one can never go wrong. I have personally proven such claims, as I have used Poulan before.

Poulan-Pro-PR22WTAmong the different models from Poulan, I like the Poulan Pro PPWT62522. You will surely also be happy to know that once it is taken out of the box, it is almost ready to use, with a few tweaks that should be done. This is unlike in the case of other models wherein you need to deal with the complicated process of assembly before it can be finally used.

Another choice that I guarantee will provide you with the satisfaction that is being sought would be the Poulan Pro PPWT60022. This is excellent in terms of functionality, as some have even compared it to a sheep that is on steroid. The comparison might seem to be weird, but what they mean by saying such is that it is a powerful workhorse that assures the job will be done as quickly as possible.

Lastly, another possible model that can be listed in your possible choices is the Poulan Pro PPWT60022-CA. This is similar in terms of features with the model that is earlier mentioned, with the only difference being that it is compliant with the regulations in California, making it safe to use in the said state.