What Are The Top Rated Outdoor Storage Shed Brands In 2018?

By Mary | Updated: August 11, 2018

Are you in need of a storage shed to move your yard equipment and some storage boxes out of the garage?

Best Outdoor Storage Sheds 2018 will solve your storage problems. These storage units for your yard keep items safe, dry and clean. The sheds are roomy enough to store lawn equipment and furnishings, and handsome enough to compliment any yard d├ęcor, definitely an attractive addition to your patio.

Best Outdoor Storage ShedWith excellent quality and nice clean look. Also, a great place to store your children’s outside toys. These do not require maintenance; just to fit your purpose. Doesn’t leak even with the windblown rain, entirely weather-proof, – offering you year round store.

You may now organize your recreational and workshop essentials. You now have the solutions. Don’t let that scattered mess take over your yard.


Lifetime ShedAdd an inviting addition to your yard. Lifetime storage sheds protects all your power tools and keeps them from the preying eyes of people with no so good intentions.

Made of plastic, these sheds fit the purpose admirably and are very well designed.

Everything is awe-inspiring from how efficiently the parts fit in the shipping boxes, to the intelligence of the design, to the exact fits and proper tolerances, to the clarity of the instructions.


Suncast Storage ShedThe attractive and durable outdoor storage units from Suncast Sheds let you store equipment for lawn and garden care in style.

Its durable construction ensures years and years of reliable storage. The extra wide front opening of these sheds let you put away your mower without wheeling out the other equipment. You may even use it as a living space as you would find it very cozy.


Arrow Sheds allow easy organizing of your lawn garden tools and equipment, kids toys, bicycles and sports equipment, and many more.

These can be placed anywhere you need it most: on your deck, patio or near your pool. Easy to assemble, and of great value; will provide a long-term store place to organize and safely keep all your tools and equipment.

Keter Apex

Keter Apex Storage ShedKeter Apex Sheds are always the ideal solution for any yard and townhomes. The sheds will not rust, dent or peel from weather wear and years of use. Assembly is easy.

Perfect for storing bikes, garden tools or your kids’ toys; the wide opening doors give you easy access to your stored equipment. Definitely helping you keep your life tidy and organized.

Wooden Storage Sheds

Wooden Shed

The sheds are crafted of solid wood and are decay resistant.

They will let you keep your yard looking neat and tidy.

These resist moisture for maximum weather protection all year round, offering maximum weather protection for your power tools, pool items, and garden and lawn supplies. Assembly is easy as instructions to follow are provided inside the package.

Horizontal Sheds

The water-resistant design and sturdy design of these Horizontal Sheds (also called deck boxes) make them well suited for use on your deck and patio.

You will be able always to find the tools and equipment you need. It’s all organized and easy to find. Plus getting everything in and out is a simple task because of the two-door construction.

Vertical Sheds

Suncast Vertical Utility ShedVertical Storage Sheds keep your gardening stuff especially the long-handled tools like brooms, mops, shovels or rakes dry, secure, organized and all within easy reach when you need them.

These sheds make them easy to pull out and put back in. The assembly is pretty straightforward. Both tidy and accommodating, lockable doors with padlock hasp are included, and feature built-in supports for wood shelves.