Best Waterproof Outdoor Storage Reviews – Deck Boxes and Lockers (Updated Aug 2018)

By Mary | Updated: August 12, 2018

Your balcony, deck and even your backyard is an extension of your home, and it must be organized accordingly. You shall achieve this with the help of the Best Deck Storage Boxes 2018.

Attractive as well as spacious, useful, very convenient, and sturdy, the boxes secure your items having a tight closure to keep out inclement weather. These will hold many things, keeping the area looking neat and organized. These come so simple to put together, very easy to assemble.

It is said that when you don’t have a lot of space, proper organization is the key. Never let that scattered mess take over your yard. Outdoor items stay safe and dry with these.


Suncast Resin Wicker Boxes

Suncast Mocha Wicker Resin Deck BoxKeep your towels outside completely dry, without them getting wet or damp and easy for kids to get to with the Suncast Resin Wicker boxes. These serve for storage, will hold a lot that you would want handy on your deck, and an additional table on your patio. It’s sturdy, compact, convenient for storing, and attractive.

With the use of the different models of Suncast resin wicker deck boxes, being organized can be accomplished in a snap. Their boxes will provide a storage space that will provide more than enough room for some of the things that you do not want to see scattered all around.

The assembly of these boxes is one thing that has been liked by many of their uses. They can be ready in just about five minutes, requiring minimal effort on the part of the users. There will be no need for any tools that will complicate the process of its assembly.

There were also many people who have expressed their satisfaction over its contemporary design, making it a visually-appealing addition to any space in which it is placed. It can add a touch of elegance, while at the same time, being able to prove its functionality.

Suncast Deck Boxes With Seats

Have extra storage and seating with the easy-to-assemble waterproof Suncast Seat Deck Boxes. These give you a spot to sit and are great for holding anything, everything you’d need to come within easy reach in your deck. The contents stay-dry and are kept from getting soggy as its lid/seat is hinged and overlaps the box, so rain is kept out, so as moisture.

These outdoor storage units are functional, making it a prominent choice for many people. Aside from being able to provide you with a generous amount of storage space, it can also function as a contemporary seat. This makes it an excellent item to have on your patio or garden.

More so, these units have also been lauded by many of its users because of their stay-dry design, making sure that its contents will be protected and that its best quality will be maintained. It is good to be placed in the pool wherein towels can be set, while providing a comfortable lounge chair as well.

Its strength is also one thing that has been highlighted in many reviews. Some of its users have reported that it has proven to be strong enough to handle up to 360 pounds of weight. With that, even if you feel like you are heavy, you can be assured that storage with seats can handle you.

They have intelligent designs that make them functional. For instance, they have hinged lids, which will assure you that no water will make its way inside of the box. They also have an excellent base, which is sturdy and stable to make sure that you can be properly seated.

Storage boxes like Suncast DB9000 reviewed below are sturdy and durable. It is made from high-quality materials that can provide protection to your things against wetness. It has a long functional life, making it be able to provide the best value for your money.

Suncast DB9000 99 Gallon Box

You must be fond of your patio so get this Suncast Deck Box DB9000 to hold the miscellaneous things that usually mess up your space. This is a very durable piece of furniture that will hold up to the weather conditions while keeping your items safe inside. It also looks exquisite so that it can actually blend into your patio furniture.

Suncast DB9000 99 Gallon Deck BoxSuncast 99 gallon storage box is the best place to store all your summer supplies so that your yard is not cluttered with a lot of things such as your cushions, garden tools or even pool accessories.

If you are looking for a sturdy box to keep your supplies waterproof, this is the one you should get.

Durable and Stylish Box For Your Supplies

You don’t have to look far anymore that the Suncast Deck Box is here. If you need a place to store those eyesores in your patio or yard, this is a strongly recommended piece of furniture.

You will find that you can quickly stash in your things into this giant box. Don’t let your items clutter your yard. Get one of these to eliminate the mess.

It has a 99-gallon capacity so it would surely hold a lot inside. Put in your supplies here, so they are not exposed to the harsh sun or rain.

The dual resin construction is sure to keep everything inside this box waterproof. So, even if it’s raining outside, you are sure that your things are safe and snug in this box.

Assemble In 5 Minutes

With an easy 5-minute assembly that requires no special tools, you can put up the box without any more hassle. Assemble it yourself, and in just a few minutes you will find out how functional it is.

You will indeed find that this is a great asset indeed for your patio or garden. It has a stay-dry design as well as a lockable lid for added security.

Store your summer supplies and kids’ toys in this storage now. Get your own and free up your yard and patio from any mess. Not only do you get a good storage place, but it can also become a bench!


Rubbermaid 1837304 Outdoor Storage Bench with Dark Teak Basket Weave DesignKeep your long handled tools in place in the Rubbermaid Deck Boxes. These are large enough to fit standard-sized garden tools. The boxes are maintenance-free, won’t chip, peel or crack in cold temperatures. They are made to last and easy to assemble. Big and surprisingly strong, you can sit on it. Sturdy and weatherproof.

The 5E39 is one of the storage boxes that can be taken into account. It has a storage space that amounts to 16.2 cubic feet, which will provide you with enough room for what you have to keep inside. It has a versatile design, making it ideal to be used both indoors and outdoors.

The rugged construction of the 5E39 is commonly highlighted by many of its users, noting that such is the reason for its durability. This model is made from high-density polyethylene, which is a suitable material because it can resist chipping, cracking, and peeling, making it possible to extend the useful life of the deck box.

The 5F22, on the other hand, is another option that you can consider. It will provide you with storage space, and at the same time, a seat that will be perfect for the patio. Like the 5E39, it is also a prominent choice because it is known for its robust construction and intelligent design.

It has a hinge design, which will make it easy for you to access whatever is kept inside. More so, the hinge design is also helpful in terms of making it more durable. It can be locked to protect your things from unauthorized access, although the lock is to be purchased separately.


Keter Deck Box 101-GallonKeep your items stored dry and ventilated in Keter Deck Boxes. The boxes are entirely maintenance free, these do not rust, dent or peel, and are weatherproof. There’s plenty of room for things you want to put away: the garden furniture cushions, your pool, and sports equipment, and other lawn and garden items. Outdoor items stay safe and dry in these boxes.

The Keter Pack N Go is one of the most common choices when looking for an outdoor storage box, mainly because it is claimed to be the only foldable deck box that can be purchased. This means that the users will be able to have it easily stored when not needed.

Besides, its popularity is also attributed to the fact that it is effortless to maintain its quality. In fact, it is maintenance-free. It has UV protection and weather resistance, which means that it will not be damaged when exposed to external factors when it is used outdoors.

If you want an outdoor box that has a wood look, the model with 101-gallon capacity will prove to be a good option. It has an elegant look that will be perfect on the poolside or on the patio. It also can resist peeling and rusting.

With the Keter boxes, it is possible for you to minimize mess and to provide safe storage for your things. In many of the customer reports that have been published in the past, it is one of the brands given favorable ratings, which in itself is already an assurance that this brand will be a satisfactory choice.

Deck Boxes With Bench

Suncast DB9750 Extended Deck Box with SeatSit down and enjoy the uncluttered view in your deck, patio or yard. All your toys, tools, grilling accessories are stored away in theses weatherproof outdoor boxes.

They eliminate backyard eyesores and adding extra seating to your deck. You have an extra seat and perfect storage for your deck accessories.

The best thing about this type of deck box is its functionality. Aside from the ample amount of storage space that it will be able to provide, it can also serve as a comfortable seat. It comes in a wide range of designs, giving you the possibility to choose the one that matches your preference.

These storage boxes are also favored because of the high-quality materials that are used in their production. Some models are made of plastic, and there are some made from wicker. They can resist various external elements that can be detrimental to its quality and functionality.

More so, it will also be a snap to assemble these boxes. Some models can be ready in five minutes, with minimal effort needed on your part. While there are some that may take about an hour to assemble, it is still easy to do so because of the comprehensive instructions that are provided by the manufacturer.