What Is The Best Electric and Gas Powered Snow Blower For The Money In 2023?

By Mary | Updated: January 24, 2023

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If you live in an area at which snow is a frequent occurrence, one of the things that you should definitely have would be snow blowers.

There are many snowblower (also called thrower) models in the market – both gas and electric powered, that can be found in the market, making it very important to evaluate them on some criteria before finally purchasing one.

In looking for the best gas-powered machine that you will use, paramount considerations would include its speed and efficiency with regards to taking out snow.

It must be able to do so in a job that is quick, and in the absence of having to experience different kinds of troubles.

Cleaning up the driveway in front of your country house is really a labor-intensive task. This is especially true if you expect to do the job alone. The good thing is that you no longer have to suffer standing out in the cold to remove snow.

With the use of these machines getting rid of the white powder that has accumulated on your driveways and paths will be a lot easier.


Although you own a summer home or a countryside home, you might want to go there during the winter season as well. As you enter your area, you may be welcomed by a sad, gloomy lawn and porch wholly covered in snow. But there is nothing to worry about because you can always use a snowblower to blow off that unwanted snow off your beautiful garden.

We are going to review all types of snow blowers so that you can easily know which is the best fit for removing all that snow from your house.

There are two types of snowblowers, and in short, they will be described in the following.

One uses single-stage mechanism, and the other one uses a two-stage mechanism. The first mechanism involves a rotor or an impeller that rotates very fast to suck in all the snow and discharges them out. The two-stage version has a bit more critical mechanism. This type contains an auger and an impeller; the former takes in the snow, and the latter blows it out.

Within these two alternatives, there are many options for the type of energy they use. The power input can be from electric, gasoline or diesel engines.

Therefore, keep an ear open to know more about snow blowers.

Best Electric Snow Shovels

If you expect the task to be minimal, such as requiring removing snow from a smaller area, the type of best snow thrower for you is an electric snow shovel. These products are sturdy enough for small-scale applications, which will give you the guarantee that the job will be done successfully.

Toro 38361

Among others, one of the models that I can personally recommend in this product category is the Toro 38361.

It has 7.5 amps of power and has a cutting width of 12 inches, depth of 6 inches, and can move snow into as far as 20 feet.

Even if its body is made of plastic, many other users have reported that it is pretty much excellent when it comes to durability.

Snow Joe 323E

There were also many who have expressed their satisfaction with the Snow Joe 323E.

I assume that one of the most significant reasons for its popularity is its ergonomic design, which will minimize fatigue on the part of the user.

It weighs only 12 pounds, which will not require too much effort when being maneuvered. The handle is adjustable to make it suitable for various heights.

Greenworks 26012

Another choice that can be possibly taken into account is the Greenworks 26012.

It can handle up to 300 pounds of snow per minute, which is pretty much impressive given its size, and given the fact that it is just an electric shovel.

I also commend the warranty offered by the manufacturer, which is twice compared to the standard in the industry, which is reflective of their commitment to quality and reliability.

Best Electric Snow Throwers

On the other hand, if you expect to clear a larger area from the snow that has accumulated during the winter season, I suggest the use of electric snow throwers instead, rather than the shovels. These units are easy to use and can prove to be reliable, depending on the brand and model that will be chosen.

In many of the reviews I have read in the past, one model that has received favorable feedbacks is the Greenworks 26022.

It is pretty much easy to use, which I sure you will find a snap to operate.

With a simple flip of the switch that can be easily accessed, you can initiate the operations of this solid unit, which is being powered by a 10 amp motor.

Toro 38381

Another model that will inevitably not lead to frustration is the Toro 38381.

This unit has a 15 amp motor, making it one of the most powerful within the product category.

It weighs only 25 pounds, which I find to be excellent as it can make sure that it will not cause anybody pain even if it is being maneuvered for a long time.

Snow Joe SJ620

Lastly, you might also be interested in taking a look at the Snow Joe SJ620.

The power of this unit comes from its 13.5 amp motor that is able to remove up to 650 pounds of snow within a single minute.

Another useful feature of this product is the chute deflector, which is primarily helpful in the adjustment of the stream depending on what is assumed to be needed based on the task that will be completed.

Best Gas Powered Snow Blower Brands


A powerful and reliable engine would be among the most important things that one can find in best snow blowers that are made by Poulan. By having a high-quality engine, the users of this machine can have peace of mind regarding the machine’s functionality, especially in cold climates.

The blower from Poulan also has two-stage functionality. This just means that it is more efficient and effective in accumulating and throwing snow, compared to other models, specifically those that belong to the single-stage category.

One of the models of the blower from Poulan has the largest engine within its category. Also, their machines are also known for being ergonomic. The users can be sure that they will not feel pain and discomfort during the use of the machine and after the job is done.


One of the models of a snowblower from Husqvarna can be connected directly to a power supply through its cord. This means that a higher level of reliability can be expected, basically because users will not anticipate the functioning to stop because of a dead battery.

Husqvarna presents a good set of alternatives that can be taken into account for heavy snow throwing needs. They have machines that are large enough to effectively function even if the snow that needs to be blown has already reached a massive pile.

Another useful feature is the convenient trigger control power steering. This is an ideal function because it makes sure that the product will deliver superior maneuverability. You can be assured that the machine will demonstrate high performance even in dynamic conditions.


If you are planning to blow way snow of up to 8 inches, you will find a perfect companion from Murray. Many of their products are made for light snow-blowing needs. Because they are perfect for light needs, a significant advantage would be the fact that it is light and therefore, easy to maneuver.

Another good thing about the machines from Murray is that the handles can be folded easily. This means that when the time comes that you are already done cleaning outside your house, the handle can be conveniently collapsed and the machine can be stored without requiring much space.

With the blowers from Murray, you can be assured of using a product that is not just straightforward to assemble but also effortless use. It can be used by anyone, even in the absence of extensive technical knowledge. Another good thing is that it is also effortless to maintain.

Yard Machine

The blower that is produced by Yard Machine is equipped with a start function that is powered by a push button. With this, users will surely enjoy having a machine that is very easy to operate. There is no need to pull cords to start the machine, unlike in the case of other models.

Yard Machine has a wide array of reliable machines that will help you on cleaning the front of your house after the snow has piled up. With this machine, there is no more need to be numb from cold outside or suffer from body pain just to throw away all that snow.

Whether you have light, moderate, or heavy-duty cleaning needs, you will surely find a good product from the range of machines that are being offered by Yard Machine. Choose the one based on the anticipated amount of snow accumulation, and you will inevitably not end up being dissatisfied.


One of the most essential features of machines from Toro is the Power Curve Technology. With this, users can have an assurance that they will get rid of snow in a more effective manner, as this technology will allow them to clean even the pavements.

Having a powerful engine is also another hallmark that can be expected from yard tools made by Toro. This is a beneficial thing to make the machine to function in a manner that is reliable. Besides, they are also lightweight and well-designed to demonstrate its superiority in the market.

If you are worried about where to keep your blower after using it, such is no longer a problem with Toro. They have a number of compact models. This means the machine will not just be easy to operate and maneuver, but will also be easy to store.