Black and Decker LST300 Review – 20V Max Lithium String Trimmer And Edger

By Mary | Updated: May 1, 2021

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Keep reading my Black and Decker LST300 review to find out why this weed wacker is the way to go. If you’re tired of ‘bumping’ the trimmer string, breathing in noxious gas fumes, and managing gasoline and oil cans for the typical gas trimmer, you should consider getting this weed eater.

With LST300 12″ electric cordless string weed wacker you can tend even the most remote areas of your garden and lawn without worrying about extension cord length and merely cans with smelly liquids.

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Black + Decker LST300 Features


The Black and Decker cordless weed wacker comes with a compact 20-volt battery and a charger. Want to keep working while the battery is charging? Get the second battery! And you can continue trimming while the second battery is still charging.

Thanks to the lighter battery, the LST300 12-inch unit is one of the lightest cordless trimmers available in the market. Even your wife can comfortably use it, after adjusting the telescopic adjustable shaft.

Did you know that many Black & Decker devices use the same 20V batteries? That adds much more convenience. If you buy Black and Decker cordless electric best weed trimmer and cordless blower or any other B&D lawn tool using 20-volt batteries, you can swap them around and have twice the amount of juice! It has more than enough power for anything around the house. BTW Black&Decker even makes a drill that uses the same battery.


The 12-inch trimmer makes lawn and garden care much more convenient by combining two tools in one. You can use it also as an edger to define the areas in your yard by adding borders to your pathways and flower beds.

All you have to do to start edging is flip the weed wacker Groom ‘N’ Edge head back over. Now the trimming tool stands upside down and clips grass around tight corners, flower beds, and sidewalks. The secondary handle lets you hold the device more comfortably.

This weed wacker is perfect for someone who:
• hates the fumes and noise of gas trimmer
• does not want to worry about extension cords
• does not wish to have gas and oil cans laying around
• already has B&D 20V products with interchangeable batteries

NOTE: this unit is excellent for light to moderate work. It is not recommended for whacking big stuff. If there are thorny and thick undergrowth or even plants with fibrous stems in your garden or lawn, you’d better think about buying a gas powered trimmer. Or a wired electrical weed eater.


• Trimmer and edger functions
• Operates on 20 Volt battery (included)
• 12-inch cutting path
• Telescoping shaft
• Automatically advancing cutter string
• Weights 7 pounds
• 2-year warranty


Please let me know if you need more information about these replacement parts:

  • replacement spool
  • replacement battery
  • spool cover

Black&Decker LST300 vs LSTE525

Black and Decker weed eater LST300 is being phased out, so I suggest you look into the new LSTE525 trimmer edger.

You could consider the LST300 to be the first species of the advanced line of its generation. On the other hand, LSTE525 is more advanced. LSTE525 has two batteries to merely double the runtime while the LST 300 focuses on increasing the runtime by improving the efficiency of power usage.

The old model is lightweight and compact, but LSTE525 has all these features along with a premium fiber texture on the grip handles to provide extra comfort.

The LST 300 has a single speed whereas you can quickly switch between two speeds in LSTE525.

The LSTE525 has an automatic switching from weed whacker mode to a wheeled edger and an EasyFeed one push-button while these two features lack presence in LST300.

You will get a better runtime with the LSTE525. Not only that, but you also find comfort with the grips, and the two speeds will adapt to your work.

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