Black and Decker MTC220 Cordless / MTE912 Corded 3-In-1 Trimmer Edger Review

By Mary | Updated: May 2, 2021

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The innovative new concept of Black & Decker – a mower, trimmer, and edger, all in one tool. All these three tools are completely compact in one package.

The Black and Decker MTC220 is a cordless grass cutter with a neat little plastic cart that you can slip trimmer into and use to roll over the yard to cut your grass easily.

I have reviewed the cordless model MTC220, but everything I say also applies to the corded version of this gardening tool – the Black+Decker MTE912.

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This kind of lawnmower operates with an electric motor that drives its cutting edge and is very functional at high speeds.

Here is a quick summary of the features:

  • 3 tools in 1  – it easily converts from mower to trimmer to edger
  • the powerful motor provides optimal performance for cutting through the toughest weeds and grass
  • AFS (Automatic Feed Spool) system lets you work without bumping and stopping to adjust the spool
  • easy conversion from trimmer to edger – just rotate the tool and keep working
  • PowerDrive / Gear Drive Transmission prevents bogging down in heavy grass and weeds
  • maximum comfort and control with adjustable height and handle positions
  • adjustable height deck lets you chose the ideal cutting height
  • cordless model MTC220 includes 2 batteries for extended runtime

Black and Decker 3 in 1 lawn mower can be transformed easily from mower to edger to weed eater.

This cordless tool is powered by a 20v max lithium-ion battery for its heavy-duty. It is great to be independent of a  power socket using an AC voltage.

Black & Decker trimmer MTC220 is quiet. It can handle or provide maximum control while being portable and ultra-lightweight.

The trimmer can get in the most complicated corners and access the narrowest edges of your yard to cut every inch of your lawn. It also allows you to choose between adjustable heights of cut ranging from 30 to 80mm. The pivoting handle provides maximum comfort, control, and desired cutting height.

This tool is a great choice for a serious gardener with a large-sized yard.

Pros and Cons


  • it very easy to maneuver requires less energy there is no need to exert more force
  • do a good job of cutting grass no matter how fast you walk
  • it has an automatic feed system (AFS) that ensures the continuous work without any bumping and need to stop just to adjust the spool
  • high efficiency and eco friendly
  • silent and very easy to operate
  • adjustable cutting heights
  • relatively pollution-free because it releases zero emissions in your yard
  • it is easy to steer around and flexible for cutting every edge
  • it is lightweight, portable and convenient
  • It has a shaft collar that can easily be loosened up to make the shaft shorter or longer, which becomes very handy for storage and for the people with short arms to have a more comfortable grip
  • Easily converts from edger to trimmer with a quick and easy turn of the shaft

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  • it is not good enough for slopes, large size, and uneven terrain
  • it can’t work nicely if you are trying to cut thick grass or if your yard is rough
  • limited by battery power, the cutting ability of the trimmer will deteriorate causing multiple of recharges if you are cutting too large to do with one charge and it takes four hours to do it
  • recharging the battery only last for a certain amount of time, replacing it can be expensive
  • need a little extra help when it comes to durability because the deck is made of plastic, which means you will need to be more careful around obstacles although it will not going to break or crack it will show scrapes when you hit something solid

Black & Decker MTE912 corded trimmer


  • Cutting Heights 1.6 – 2.4 in
  • Cutting Path 12 in
  • Ideal Property Size 750 ft²
  • Mulching Capability No
  • Weight – MTC220 9.9 lbs / MTE912 10.2 lbs
  • Charge Time MTC220:
    • 4 hrs at 100%
    • 2.5 hrs at 60%
  • Amps – MTE912 6.5 Amps

Box Contents


  • MTC220 trimmer/edger
  • MTD100 detachable mover deck
  • 2 pcs of LBXR2020 20V Mac Li-Ion batteries
  • AF-100 spool
  • Aux handle
  • Guard


  • GH912 corded trimmer
  • MTD100 detachable mover deck
  • AF-100 spool
  • Aux handle
  • Guard

The extension cord should be bought separately.

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