Echo Electric and Gas Weed Wacker Review For 2023

By Mary | Updated: March 24, 2023

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ECHO is considered as the largest subsidiary brand of the Yamabiko Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of power tools. The resulting company was formed after a merger of two big companies, Shindaiwa and Kioritz corporations.

It is well known for its power tool products, such as brush cutters, leaf blowers, industrial chainsaws, pole pruners, edgers, shredders, augers, drills, protective apparel, as well as string trimmers.

Echo SRM 225 Straight Shaft Trimmer

Echo Grass Trimmers

While ECHO is known for many products, it is particularly popular because of its weed eaters.

The primary drive of ECHO in its products is to make sure that ergonomics is observed. Therefore, if you are searching for a brand that can perfectly work well with you, selecting an ECHO weed eater is your perfect option.

The weed wacker comes with easy-to-use customized controls, professional grade, powerful 2-stroke engine technologies, and lightweight design that can allow you to increase your productivity at home.

The brand offers around 12 different trimmer models. There are several options to choose from. Thus, it is critical to familiarize me with the features of each. Upon finding that perfect fit for your preference, you will undoubtedly realize all its worth.

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Vital Points to Remember Before Buying

All weed wackers from ECHO are professional-oriented. If you are searching for a model that offers more torque that you can use in tough regional grasses such as St. Augustine and Bermuda, SRM-2667 and SRM 280T feature edging applications, as well as 50% more torque compared to the standard models offered by the same brand.

ECHO comes with 12 gas-powered tools, as well as 1 electric cordless unit SRM-200.

Also, four models are sold as power sources with attachments, such as PAS-225 and PAS-230. These power sources provide the convenience of having to gas up while maintaining only one powerhead.

All weed eaters are equipped with durable commercial duty air filtration system that offers long engine life. Also, with its i-75 technology, starting effort is reduced by 75%.

Among the models in the list of best weed eater models, only 3 have curved shaft (model GT-225, GT-225i, and GT-230). The rest of the weed whackers have a straight shaft.

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Popular Echo Weed Wacker Models

Here’s a comparison table for 5 popular Echo string trimmers with relative price ratings:

Echo String Trimmer Engine Size Cutting Swath Weight Price Rating
Echo GT-225 2 Cycle String Trimmer 21.2 cc 16 in 10.1 lbs $$
Echo SRM-225 2 Cycle String Trimmer 21.2 cc 17 in 11.5 lbs $$
Echo SRM-266 2 Cycle String Trimmer 25.4 cc 17 in 12.3 lbs $$$
Echo SRM-280T 2 Cycle String Trimmer 28.1 cc 17 in 13.3 lbs $$$$
Echo SRM-3020 2 Cycle String Trimmer 30.5 cc 20 in 16.9 lbs $$$$$


ECHO SRM-225 21.2 cc gas powered straight shaft trimmer comes with a professional grade, 2-stroke engine which is perfect for outstanding performance.

It has a 59” straight shaft, as well as engine vibration reduction system which work best for operator comfort. Its i-30 technology also allows for a reduced starting effort.  Because of its speed-feed trimmer head, reloading is possible within seconds without the need to disassemble.

Another thing unusual about this model is that has the edging feature which allows neat trimming of grass around trees, walls, and foundations. It is also straightforward to handle balance and responsiveness while cutting.


ECHO PAS2620 25.4 cc Pro Attachment Series Multi-Tool is also a power source that offers maximum power for robust residential and professional commercial applications.

It allows complete tool versatility and is compatible with all ECO PAS attachments. Its positive placement coupler assures a stable connection and ease of changing between attachments.

For enhanced operator comfort, this model also comes with a vibration reducing engine.

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