Firstrax NOZTONOZ Sof Krate Indoor Outdoor Pet Home Reviews

By Mary | Updated: May 3, 2021

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Let your pet dog enjoy his/her cozy space in your home with the NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate Outdoor and Indoor crate for Pets.

This crate is created primarily for dogs that do not mind staying and sleeping inside a crate.

If you want to give your pet the best sleeping experience, then this home for a pet is a must have for you and your dog. It has a spacious and cozy interior to let your pup sleep so soundly and comfortable each day and night.

However, if your critters cannot stand being put inside a kennel, then Sofkrate homes for critters are not a good choice and may prove to be a little useless since they can easily break away from it. You may consider other products for pets in this case.

It offers proper ventilation as it is made of mesh fabric, preventing your canine from feeling suffocated every time he is inside his pen. Now carrying your animals in style is secure and comfortable with this soft animal crate a keeper.

This Noz2noz Sof Krate makes it very easy for dog owners to bring around their pets as it is straightforward to set up. You can quickly fold it up and down, which makes it very convenient for people who are in a hurry.

With this, your little friends will always have their cozy place wherever you bring them, may it be indoors or the outdoors. However, those with animals that like to munch on things be warned that they may find the zippers a little too cute not to chew on.

Customer Reviews

According to popular opinion, the Noz To Noz Sof-Krate is incredibly easy to set up and fold down, taking an average of fewer than two minutes for the whole process. The crate is lightweight, so it is easy to carry but the quality is not compromised, it feels sturdy and durable.

The most impressive quality about the NozToNoz Sof Krate is that it comes with three different access doors each on the top, front and sideways to ensure maximum security and flexibility in getting the pet out of the bag especially when it has been placed inside the car.

There is plenty of space inside the den so that the pooch does not feel suffocated at all; make sure that it has its favorite toy with it, so it does not bite on the folds!


It is easy to set up and carry around. It is the perfect item for a quick getaway or work trip, even if you have to spend hours in the car; the kennel is well-ventilated.

The material used in making it is tightly woven and can endure heavy tearing activity, so even if your pooch is prone to biting, the doghouse is more than capable of withstanding it.

The crate can repeatedly be washed without giving into tear since it also has a durable, water-resistant base. However, it is necessary to use a stain and odor remover for cleaning waste stains off the enclosure.


The bottom is of nylon so it is possible that the animal may feel cold if left inside for an extended period.

A rug can be additionally placed on the bottom to make the experience more comfortable.

Although the pet home is roomy, it can only accommodate an animal who weighs up to 70 pounds. This is the largest size the company makes.

Size Chart

The Noz To Noz Soft Crates have extra openings on its sides and at the top to give room to bigger pets. You always have the freedom to leave it all unzipped, so your dogs can freely run in and out of the kennel.

The 42″ model is advisable for 70 pound canines.

This pet home is recommended for everyone who wants to provide their pets with a cozier and much comfortable place to which they can sleep and hang out all day.


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