Husqvarna Gas Weed Eaters Reviews For 2018

By Mary | Updated: July 15, 2018

Husqvarna is one of the largest and well know manufacturers of gardening and outdoor products in the world. It is well known for its garden tractors and mowers, snow blowers, grass trimmers and brush-cutters, and, of course, chainsaws.

Husqvarna produces more than 19 models of hand-held string trimmers as well as one walk-behind trimmer model.

It is important to note that this manufacturer specializes in gas powered lawn care equipment, so Husqvarna weed wacker will not be the best choice for you if you live in a quiet neighborhood and would rather avoid upsetting your neighbor with loud rattling of your lawn tools. In this case (and also if you happen to have smaller lawns), electric weed eater from manufacturers like Worx or Black and Decker will be a better choice.

As said above, Husqvarna offers around 20 different trimmer models, and navigating the product line and choosing the most suitable model can be quite challenging.

Husqvarna Weed Trimmers Features

Here are few things to keep in mind when you are shopping for a weed eater from Husqvarna.

Straight shaft vs curved shaft

Several trimmer models are available with straight or curved shaft.

You can tell the type of shaft from the model number where L stands for straight and C – for curved (e.g. 128LD – straight shaft, 128CD – curved shaft).

The straight shaft Husqvarna weed eater is better for heavy jobs, but curved shaft provides better maneuverability in tight spaces, but offers less cutting power.

Detachable shaft

Models with letter D in model name are easier to transport and store because they feature detachable shaft. They also can be fitted with different optional attachments for different gardening tasks.

Attachment capability

Husqvarna offers following attachments for detachable shaft weed wackers – cultivator, edger, hedge trimmer, pole saw, and sweeper attachment. That turns your Husqvarna string trimmer into really multi-functional gardening tool.

It is important to keep in mind that the compatibility is slightly limited, and these attachments do not fit just any D-series trimmer, so you should check out the manufacturer’s website or consult the sales professional before making the purchase.

Brush cutters

Several heavy-duty Husqvarna weed eaters can be used also as brushcutters.

They can be used for cutting grass, weeds, small bushes, and brushwood (using the woodcutting blade). These models feature more powerful engines and can be recognized by letter R in the model name, e.g. 323R, 223R, 345FR.

Walk-behind string trimmers

Husqvarna HU625HWT deserves a separate mention. It is a high wheel walk-behind string trimmer which combines maneuverability of hand-held weed wacker and 22- inch cutting path width of a lawn mower.

Walk-behind trimmer will be the best tool for cutting long grass or uneven terrains.

With this machine you don’t have to worry about hitting the rocks or pieces of metal which would definitely bend or break the mover’s cutting blade. The worst thing that can happen to your HU625HWT – you can break the cutting line, which can be replaced quickly and easily in less than a minute.

Lots of users of this trimmer are happy with the 190cc engine from  Briggs & Stratton.

Now let’s have a quick look at the most popular weed eater models.

Husqvarna 128LDX

This model is known for being easy to use, specifcally because of having Smart Start recoil system, which starts the engine with minimal effort required on your part.

Other features that make it easy to start are the air purge that eliminates air found in the carburator and fuel system and the autonatic return stop switch, which allows the switch to be autmatically set to the ON position.

This trimmer is compatible also with Toro attachments which makes 128LDX a good choice if you already own attachments from Toro


  • Straight detachable shaft
  • 26cc 2 stroke engine
  • 17-inch cutting diameter
  • Husqvarna pro attachment compatible

Husqvarna 323L

With a weight of only 9 pounds (without the cutting equipment attached), this is one of the lightest options in the product category. Aside from being lightweight, it is also easy to handle because of its ergonomic design.

This is a good choice if you are looking for a model that is perfect for more demanding or commercial applications. The steel torque tube drive shaft allows it to demonstrate a high level of reliability even when pushed on the ground.


  • Straight shaft
  • 05cc 2 stroke engine

Husqvarna 223R Brushcutter

Whether you are going to trim light or thick grass, this brushcutter is sure to demonstrate exceptional performance. It comes with a 17-inch cutting path that will allow you to work on a bigger area without spending a lot of time.

In order to provide the comfort of its users, it comes with a standard double harness that makes weight distributed easily, and hence, reducing fatigue even with its prolonged use.


  • Straight shaft
  • 25cc 2 stroke engine
  • 17-inch cutting diameter
  • Husqvarna pro attachment compatible