Best Outdoor Bike Storage Shed Review – Sheds For Bicycles

By Mary | Updated: April 15, 2018

Life without a garage can be complicated, especially when the backyard isn’t as safe as you wish it were. And storing the bike inside and cleaning it every day is another hassle. So, introducing another tool of modern convenience, The Outdoor Bike Storage Shed.

These small sheds for the bikes are usually low lying and require very less space. But they allow the bike to be out of harm’s way and out of the weather’s misgivings. Most importantly, the bikes will be secured and can be taken out at a moment’s notice. If the placement is made right, it will make an excellent addition to the garden as well.

There is always a variety of products to choose from and with it comes a storm of research. We can highlight the specs and pros of bike sheds. However, every user or customer has a unique set of requirements and pallet. Still, one common aspect is the search for convenience.

Making life easier is what everyone strives for, and in modern days where the bike is more or less everyone’s carrier, an outdoor bike storage is a convenience we all should avail. And to make it easier to avail to such a tool, we have gone forward and prepared a review on all products that we found worthy of the customer’s time.

#1 Suncast BMS7790 Cascade 7×7′ Storage Shed

This mini house lookalike storage shed is a state of the art product. Not only does it increase the aesthetic of your yard/lawn, it feels like you own another house!

The locker, with its holding capacity of 322 cubic feet, has a durable double wall resin for its walls providing security and support from both inside and outside. The roof is constructed shingle style and metal reinforced. Similarly, the floor is also strengthened for tractor support. For higher security measures, the lockable handles are made of hard metals which prove difficult to break into.

As for the decorative windows and functional vents, they showcase the aesthetics of the products and generate a definite visual attraction towards the shed itself. The Suncast BMS7790 Cascade has a low maintenance design which makes it relatively easy to clean and maintain. And, because of its simplified structure, it can be assembled with minimal tools and effort.

For additional security, the handles are pad lockable which can be used if the user does not feel comfortable using the given lock, making it user-friendly above all. The construction makes it all weather protected.

Water resistance is a given, the Suncast BMS 7790 Cascade is also UV resistant. So, all products which could be damaged by UV rays or water can be stored safely in the shed without any worries.

Suncast takes pride in its motto of being user-friendly, “You take pride in creating a beautiful environment. We take pride in helping you keep it that way,” and their products serve their cause brightly.

As an extension, 10 years of limited warranty is provided to the Suncast BMS7790 Cascade so that the users can go anxiety free creating the environment they desire for a minimal price.

#2 Keter Factor Large 8 x 11 ft. Resin Outdoor Yard Garden Storage Shed, Taupe/Brown

The underlying premise behind this Keter Factor storage shed is to help the customers improve their daily lives. Saving time and solving storage issues, Keter provides an effective answer to your question with their highly valued Keter Factor Outdoor Yard Garden Storage Shed.

‘Durable and Attractive’ is one way to describe this 8X11 ft shed which can capacitate 550 cubic ft of storage area. Own another home right beside your house with the stylish wood-like texture in neutral colors to complement your home and enrich the aesthetics.

Made from polypropylene resin plastic & steel reinforcement, the Keter Factor Outdoor storage ensures durability and security above all to satisfy customers. Padlocks can be additionally added to the doors for higher security purposes on the wishes of the user.

There’s an abundance of vents on the 3D tile roof to ensure ventilation and store the items in excellent condition. Shelves are placed inside the cabinet to provide a more straightforward approach to organizing and sorting things inside the shed. Other than the two shelves with partition, a long shelf to keep items elevated has also been added.

Last but not the least, the shed is all weather protected. The rainfall and UV rays will not affect it. And, the manufacturers claim that the locker will not rot, peel or rust, and it will never need painting. To top it off, it’s economical with its minimal price.

#3 Rubbermaid Outdoor 96 Cu Ft Slide-Lid Shed 1800005

“Easy vertical access to all items” is how the product brands itself, and it is perfectly right to do so. The shed is shorter than the standardized fence heights and is large enough to hold tools and even lawn mowers alongside those tools.

The Rubbermaid Outdoor Slide-Lid Shed boasts of its durability. Reinforced with double walled construction this shed survived the hurricane Irma in one instance. It can easily be assembled with two people and will hold out without issue year-round.

With 96 cubic feet of storage space for mowers, bicycles and trash cans, the unit has 8 wall anchors included for easy customization and a heavy-duty impact resistant floor made of very durable plastic. And, for added security, locks can be added to the doors on the disposition of the customer.

The storage provides the most accessible access with its sliding lid. Rollers beneath the top allow it to easily slide forward or backward for easier access and lower time consumption. Most importantly, the locker is weather durable. It is leak resistant, dent resistant and rainfall won’t affect it even UV rays. The shed protects the stored items from weathers, e.g., rain, sun and UV rays and will not rust or peel off like wood/ metal because it is made of reinforced plastic.

For a minimal price, this shed presents a new cane-bolt locking system/mechanism for securing the doors and the roof separately. It looks good too and will go hand in hand with the house beside it and the lawn it is kept on.

#4 The YardStash III: Space Saving Outdoor Bike Storage, Garden Storage, and Pool Storage

YardStash III bike tent“Camping in your yard” is what the image of this product shouts out with its ‘tent’ look and portability. The YardStash III keeps your bicycles, tools for gardening, kids’ toys, pool equipment and gears secure from both natural and unnatural causes and is easily accessible. It keeps the equipment within a hand’s reach yet safe.

The tent can hold two adult size bikes with space left and is built on a water shedding design to capacitate pool floats & supplies, toys, gardening tools, lawn mowers and other outdoor equipment. And the top-bottom zippers are placed on the door to lock the door and defend against rain, dust, and insects too. Also, a back ‘Velcro-flap opening’ is set to tie bikes to posts or fences, for higher security purposes, and better accessibility.

The shed boasts of an industrial grade roof, and polyester made body for thick weather resistant coating and UV protection. And, it can be folded into a bag which is provided for easier portability, and it takes barely 15 minutes to set up without any proficient help, and afterward, it can be taken off in a lesser amount of time. Until it’s taken off part by part, it will provide perfect security to the products stored inside and maintain the ventilation to preserve it.

In and all the tent is secure, durable, portable and visually attractive to boot and it will provide convenience beyond what any of its competitors will.
For a minimal price, the Yardstash III is the most convenient alternative to storage boxes of all kinds. However, it doesn’t lose to anyone in durability or security and portability.

#5 Suncast BMS4700 The Stow-Away Horizontal Shed

Suncast BMS4700 bike lockerSuncast BMS4700 Horizontal Storage Shed is simple, yet fantastic outdoor storage box with simplicity being its major selling point. The box can hold 70 cubic feet of stuff or 2 ninety-six gallons of garbage containers, which is a lot of storage for the small space it takes up.

This storage requires minimal effort to assemble and requires a negligible amount of maintenance. And, it blends in with the surroundings effortlessly. Even without any experienced help, the box can be built from the ground up and will remain stable year-round.

The BMS 4700 boasts of its durability with multi-walled panels which are engineered for strength and stability. And the open lid with gas shocks provides easier access to the materials placed inside.

It’s considered well suited for storing lawn and garden supplies and tools, smaller bicycles, patio cushions and much more. Even paint boxes and other supplies will be safe and preserved because of its proper ventilation system and lockable doors.

The lids are lockable, and the weather resistant coating provides greater safety to the stored items inside. With the Suncast BMS4700, the stored items will be safe from all forms of external damage including rain, impact, UV rays and so on. Making this shed a small bunker if said in layman’s terms.

The limited 10 years warranty adds even more value to this cost-effective box which is highly productive and visually attractive. It will blend in with your house, and it will store what you cannot keep inside the house and preserve what needs to be kept separated.