Outdoor Dining Table Guide – Round | Square | Metal | Wood Patio Tables

By Mary | Updated: March 24, 2023

Are you thinking of a way for your patio to look even better and more attractive in the eyes of your guests?

In this case, I suggest that you add a variety of items that will not only prove to be decorative but will also be functional for a wide array of purposes.

One thing that you can add on the patio would be a dining table. This can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, this does not need to be as big as the one that you have in the main dining room. It should just be minimal as it is not intended to replace the main one.

The rest of this article will provide you with more insights on how to look for a dining table, and more importantly, how the one that has been mentioned above can prove to be an option that you will not regret making.


Belham Living Palazetto Cast Aluminum Round Patio Dining Set

Belham Living Palazetto Cast Aluminum Round Patio Dining Set

Having a table outside can be really hard to maintain, but when they are made of cast aluminum, you know nothing can beat it. Whatever the weather, sun or rain, it will not affect the furniture. They will not be tarnished, scratched, or damaged, and they will not get stained or rusted either. All of these make them just the right furniture to put on your patio or backyard.

These outdoor dining tables mostly consist of steel hardware with cast aluminum construction. They have intricate designs all over which makes them a pretty sight to the eyes, and also have umbrella holes so you can put one up while lunch.

Fancier ones even come with highlights applied by hand, in colors, other metal ornaments, but there are plain black ones as well. These do not only serve the purpose of a table but are also considered a garden décor piece.

5 Things To Consider When Buying An Outdoor Table


The size of the dining table will depend on the number of persons who are expected to be using such. Since it is not intended to be the main dining table, it should not be as big as the main one. Additionally, another thing that you should do is to check the size of the patio and make sure that the table will be fitted in such, with additional space so that you and your guests can still move around.


The materials that are used in the construction of the table will be reflective of its overall quality. Make sure to choose a product that is made from high-grade materials, which will provide you with the guarantee that it will last for a longer period and that it can withstand external elements, such as changes in weather.


For people who are working on tight financial resources, this is considered to be the most important factor that can affect their decision. However, while the price is indeed important, keep in mind that it should be equated with quality. After all, there is no sense in buying a piece of cheap furniture if it is obvious that it is not meant to withstand the test of time and if its quality is being what is acceptable.


The outdoor furniture should not be only functionally, but should also exude a visual appeal that will amaze your guests. This will allow your visitors to have a more entertaining time as you bond with each other on the outdoors.


It is not enough that you have an outdoor table with excellent design. More often than not, it should be functional. After all, you did not purchase the table just to serve as a decorative item on the patio. It will also be good if it can prove to be as functional in spite of the changes in the weather.

Riverside Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture

10 popular outdoor dining tables

Here’s a comparison table for 10 popular outdoor dining tables with relative price ratings:

Outdoor Dining Table Dimensions Seating Capacity Material Price Rating
Best Choice Products 6-Person Outdoor Dining Table 71 x 35.5 x 29 in 6 Acacia Wood $$
Christopher Knight Home Marietta Outdoor Dining Table 69 x 38 x 28 in 6 Cast Aluminum $$$
Keter Unity XL Portable Outdoor Table 53.1 x 20.4 x 35.4 in 4 Resin $$
Walker Edison Furniture Company Solid Acacia Wood Patio Extendable Dining Table 79 x 40 x 30 in 8 Acacia Wood $$$
Phi Villa 37″ Metal Steel Slat Patio Dining Table 37 x 37 x 28 in 4 Steel $
Christopher Knight Home Cayman Cast Aluminum Outdoor Dining Table 60 x 38 x 28 in 6 Cast Aluminum $$$
Great Deal Furniture Marietta Outdoor Dining Table 48 x 48 x 28 in 4 Cast Aluminum $$
Nuu Garden Outdoor Dining Table 42 x 42 x 28 in 4 Metal $$
LOKATSE HOME Outdoor Dining Table 37.4 x 37.4 x 28.3 in 4 Steel $
MFSTUDIO 7-Piece Metal Outdoor Dining Table 60 x 37 x 28 in 6 Steel $$$

Note: The price rating ranges from $ (lowest) to $$$$ (highest) and is based on the relative price of each outdoor dining table compared to the other options on this list.

Strathwood St. Thomas Cast Aluminum Round Dining Table

In this case, one product that I can recommend is the Strathwood St.Thomas Cast Aluminum Round Dining Table.

The design in itself can be considered as one of the most defining features of this piece round outdoor furniture from Strathwood. It has an ornamental scrolling vine that can be found all over the top of the table.

The details of the design were very intricate, which is reflective of the craftsmanship of its manufacturer. More so, the commitment to detailed design can be seen even on the base of the table as it is designed with attractive feet as well to complement the overall look.

In spite of the intricacy of the design on the tabletop, it is still very functional. You can be assured that the plates and glasses will not wobble because the surface is even, even if there is not table top or placemat.

Another thing that is worth giving emphasis on this product is that it is made from cast aluminum. The latter is a material that is known for its durability and for being lightweight. In addition, it can also resist rusting, which is a testament to its ability to withstand long-term use with minimal effort required for its maintenance.

If you are going to buy this table, you should make sure that its size is right and that it will be perfect in the outdoor space where it will be placed. It has a diameter of 47.5 inches and a height of 28.5 inches. Additionally, it has a weight of just 48.5 pounds, making it light.

This package contains the table alone. If you would want to complete the set, you can buy chairs that are sold separately. The design of the chairs will complement the table as they are all part of the St. Thomas dining collection.

Customer Reviews

For many of the people who owned this outdoor dining table, one of the best things about this product is that it is excellent when it comes to durability. In my case, I had it for several years and it still looks as good as new. One thing that makes it durable is the fact that it is weather-resistant, making it able to preserve its best quality even after being covered with snow, wet with rain, and drenched on the heat of the sun.

In many of the reviews that I have seen in the past, another thing that I noticed is that many have expressed their satisfaction over the fact that the pieces are easy to put together when taken out of the box. Many users have reported that they did not have to sweat for the assembly of the table. Once it is assembled, it is also a breeze to bring from one place to another.

Lastly, the table’s visual appeal is one more thing that makes it an ideal choice amidst the wide array of choices that are possible. From the top to the base, you can see the intricate details, and such will surely be loved by anyone who will see and use the dining table.

Additional Items to Consider

If you are interested in purchasing this round outdoor dining table, I suggest that you also consider buying the Strathwood St. Thomas Cast Aluminum Side Table with Ice Bucket. This will be perfect for holding drinks that will prove to be perfect for sunny weather outside.

I also recommend that you buy the Strathwood St. Thomas Cast Aluminum Dining Chair that complements the design of the table. It comes in a set of two pieces, which will be perfect for a couple or for grandparents who enjoy talking on the patio.

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