Types Of Flower And Vegetable Planter Boxes For Container Gardening

By Mary | Updated: May 14, 2018

Put decorative items on the outside of your house, add color and make it look more appealing. Plants are the best in doing so.

If you live in apartments, Planter Boxes are great for you. Eliminating the need for a garden plot.

Also with the Planter Boxes, you can grow the yummiest fruits and herbs in the neighborhood. You absolutely can create fresh seasonings, fiery homemade sauces, and fun new recipes using your own ingredients, harvested from your own plants.

Setup and maintenance are easy. Neighbors and visitors shall give compliments on the look of your patio, and the nice look of your balcony! The style works well for all types of houses. Outstanding quality, durability, and functionality!

Upside-Down Planter Boxes

Felknor Ventures 82506 Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato PlanterUpside-Down hanging planters offer a whole new direction in growing tomatoes, strawberries or fresh herbs, and hot peppers.

The crop you grow will become bigger, have better taste, more healthy, and it is easier to grow this way than ever before. Watering, feeding, grooming, and harvesting will be done without bending or kneeling.

And since your crop is grown upside down, it’s kept away from soil fungus, cutworms, harmful bacteria and small animals — all becoming problems of the past.

Deck Planter Boxes

CobraCo DPBCB24-B 24-Inch Canterbury Adjustable Deck Railing PlanterDeck Planters are self-mounting and sit on the deck rail or fence without any fasteners, no screws or brackets necessary.

Easy to install and the unique patented design assures a secure fit. With thick, durable wall construction. Just add soil and plants and you are done.

Drainage holes and easy to remove drain plugs are positioned at the bottom of each side of the planter to allow safe drainage of the excess water. These planters add beauty without overpowering the surrounding view of your house.

Hanging Planters

Apollo Plastics H012-TERRA 12-Inch Self-Watering Hanging PlanterHanging Planters prevent root rot due to overwatering. Excess moisture drains, away from the root system which helps prevent the roots from rotting.

Accommodating a large amount of soil, there is plenty of room for planting.

The hanging rope is very sturdy. Do withstand heavy winds and downpours. And shall work nicely on your balcony.

Ceramic Planters

Gifts & Decor Ceramic Jade Garden Planters Flower Plant Pot SetBring a burst of color to your garden with the Ceramic Planters! Adding natural elegance to your favorite plants, showing them off to stunning effect!

Embossed earthenware flower pots that are in sumptuous shades come in different sizes to hold a variety of your favorite greenery! Creating an effortless designer look. A drain hole is at the bottom of each pot.

Whiskey Barrel Planters

Whiskey Round Barrel PlanterWhiskey Barrel Planter Boxes are long lasting and multi-purpose planters. Combining strength and durability with classic style, giving out beautiful natural look.

These whiskey barrel planters have the same look as a traditional piece but without the weight as these come lightweight. Offering a realistic look and feel like a traditional wine barrel.

Square Steel Planter Boxes

Nice Rectangular Corten Steel PlanterSteel Planter Boxes help you create lovely, layered effect with your plants. Durable and attractive, giving elegant beauty.

Outfitting your yard, patio, or solarium is as fast as a breeze. Quality, ease of use, and casual elegance are at its core, withstanding ever-changing trends and regular use for years to come.

These look great in rows or in a clustered arrangement.