Polaris Pool Cleaner Reviews For 2023 | Polaris 280 vs 380 vs 360 Comparison

By Mary | Updated: January 24, 2023
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Polaris 280 | 360 | 380 are all in-ground pool cleaners from the brand that has long been known for their products that help make sure your pool is clean all-year-round.

What are the features that make these in-ground pool cleaners different from one another?

Please scroll down to see the Polaris 280 / 360 / 380 comparison chart below.

Polaris 280

Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 works on double jets which make it more efficient in sweeping and scrubbing the bottom as well as the walls and stairs of your plunge bath – no matter what size it is.

The 280 has an increased vacuum power and faster cleaning because of its twinjets. It runs off a separate booster pump, and it can also be easily connected to a dedicated pressure line.

This gadget has a feature that allows it to trap dirt and large debris including pebbles and leaves in the filter bag. Because of that, stress will be relieved on your 280 in-ground pool cleaner, and it can increase the life of your filtration system as well.

The unit includes a 31-inch hose, handle bag, wider suction mouth, and a backflow device which makes it easy to move around.

I hope you will get more information about this vacuum cleaner in our Polaris model 280 review.

It is an automatic in-ground pool cleaner that runs on double jets to efficiently sweep and scrub the bottom, walls, and stairs of pools of any size.

The double jets provide the cleaner with increased vacuum power as well as faster cleaning.

You should definitely consider getting a Polaris model 280 sweep if you are looking for a reliable automatic pool cleaner.

How Does It Work?

This in-ground pool sweeper easily connects to a dedicated pressure line. It also runs off a separate water pressure booster pump for the best possible cleaning power.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 can trap dirt and large debris such as leaves and pebbles in its filter bag making it a best pool vacuum to use in various conditions. This also helps relieve stress on your equipment and in turn increases the life of your filtration system. Unloading the leaf bag is very simple as well.

Even if you have not used Polaris cleaners before, you should not worry as this machine is straightforward to use and it also comes with clear and easy to understand directions. It would take less than an hour to set up your vac before you can start using it. It is quite easy to get the sweeper running once it gets adjusted to your pool.


Polaris 280 has features that make it more efficient including a handle bag, a wider suction mouth, and a backflow device that allows you to move it from one place to another every 5 minutes. This helps make cleaning faster and easier.

The 31-inch hose is also included.

Because of all its amazing features, it is not surprising to know that a lot of people think that Polaris model 280 is better to use than other vacuums for in-ground swimming baths that they have tried using.

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Where To Buy It?

If you are looking for Polaris Vac-Sweep deals, I would suggest you check out online retailers, e.g., Amazon or Walmart.

There is no significant chance to find discount pool cleaners during the summer season, but during the winter season brick and mortar shops might be selling out their stocks.


Polaris 360

Polaris 360, like the 280, is also an automatic cleaner for in-ground pools that can thoroughly clean the walls and bottom of your pool.

What makes it different from the 280 pool vacuum cleaner though is the fact that it can sweep, scrub and vacuum your reservoir without the use of a pressure booster pump.

360 model has an automatic pressure-powered capability that allows it to function without having to use a pump and this feature separates it not only from the 280 but from other models of cleaners as well. Because of this, you will be able to reduce your overall cleaning expenses.

Like the 280, the 360 model can get rid of dirt and debris of any size and collects it on a debris bag that is attached to the unit. This will help you reduce your filter cleaning by 80 percent every year. The package includes a 31-inch hose and a filter bag. It is available in white, blue, and black for dark bottom pools.

You can get more information about this model in our Polaris 360 review.

Zodiac Polaris 360 pool vacuum is an advanced automatic vacuum sweeper for in-ground pools. It is a great product to use if you would want to keep the walls and the bottom of your swimming bath looking very clean without the use of a booster pump.

Because of its fantastic cleaning features, it can effectively sweep, scrub and vacuum all the surfaces of your swimming pool.

What sets the Polaris model 360 apart from other cleaners from this brand is its automatic pressure-powered capability that does not require a dedicated booster pump. It does not only save you the cost of having to use a booster pump, but it can also significantly reduce your overall cleaning expenses.

The in-ground pool vac will collect the dirt and debris – large or small – in its own debris bag which is attached to the unit. This can help lower your filter cleaning by up to 80 percent each year.

Polaris vacuums are known for their ability to clean pools in a few hours, and the 360 is no exception. You can clean your pool in less than three hours by merely installing the cleaner and dropping it in the pool.

It does not matter in what spot you place the in-ground pool cleaner. It has a smart in-line back-up valve which reverses the action every three minutes automatically.


The 360 model has an internal backup time technology so that it can clean the tank without interruption. As it sweeps the pool, it is distributing chemicals and heat throughout at the same time. This means better circulation and effectiveness of the chemicals in your swimming pool.

The unit includes a filter bag and a 31-inch hose kit. This machine is available in white and blue, and a black model has become available for pools that have a dark bottom. It has a one-year limited warranty which is handy should you have problems with your 360 vac cleaner.

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Where To Buy Polaris 360?

The list price of 360 is quite high, but I have seen discounts in popular online stores.

Polaris 380

Polaris 380 is similar to 280 and 360 models because it is also an automatic in-ground pool cleaner that scrubs and sweeps the bottom and walls of pools of any size.

However, unlike the 280 and 360 pool cleaners, 380 runs on 3 jets and a separate booster pump.

The 3 jets are work by enhancing its cleaning power while the separate booster pump makes your filtration system run smoothly.

Model 380 is more efficient in cleaning and getting rid of dirt and debris because of its technology that circulates clean and filtered water around the pool as it processes it. The unit is powerful enough to vacuum large debris such as pebbles, leaves, and acorn.

You can get more information about this cleaner in our Polaris 380 review.

380 also has an All-Purpose Filter Bag which removes debris before it reaches your pump basket, extending the life of your filtration system. The unit includes a ¾ pump (must be hardwired), 31-feet hose kit, and a deck or wall mount.

This in-ground pool cleaner can efficiently clean your reservoir in just a couple of hours tops. This is a feature of those different models from this brand share, and it is what the brand has been known for.

Polaris model 380 is an automatic vac model that can scrub and sweep the bottom and walls of pools of any size fast.

It runs on 3 jets, and these allow the unit to do a quick cleaning and enhance its power as well.

By using the 380 model, you will have a swimming barth that is incredibly clean in three hours or less.

Some users claim that they were able to clean their pools in a little over an hour thoroughly.

How Does It Work?

Polaris 380 in-ground pool sweeper circulates clean and filtered water around your swimming bath while cleaning it. This technique makes it more efficient in getting rid of dirt in your pool.

This sweeper runs off a separate booster pump, and this helps to make your filtration systems run as smoothly as this cleaner. It ensures that the reservoir is free from dirt and debris and it also helps in distributing heat and chemicals around your pool. The device is powerful enough to vacuum up large debris including leaves, pebbles, and acorns.

Package Contents

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 package comes with an All-Purpose Filter Bag which can remove debris before it reaches your filter or pump basket.

The filter bag is a perfect accessory to have as this goes together with all your other cleaning equipment. This feature can extend your filtration system’s longevity.

Included in the package are a ¾ HP pump (pump must be hardwired), 31-feet hose kit, deck or wall mount, and a manual. It is ideal to be used on pools that are made from gunite, fiberglass or vinyl-lined.

The Polaris 380 does not require a lot of maintenance which means that you can use it for quite some time. The 380 model is definitely a good investment for people who would like to keep their pools looking clean all year round.

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Polaris 280 vs 380 vs 360 Comparison Chart

FeaturePolaris 280Polaris 360Polaris 380
Venturi Jets2 jets3 jets3 jets
Vacuum Inlet2 1/2"2 1/4"2 1/4"
Drive MechanismShaft DriveAll-Wheel Belt DriveAll-Wheel Belt Drive
Requires Booster PumpYesNoYes
Auto Back-UpYesYesYes
Debris BagSingle ChamberSingle ChamberSingle Chamber
Debris Bag CapacityN/DN/DN/D
Pool Type/SurfaceInground/AllInground/AllInground/All