How To Build A Greenhouse With Polycarbonate Panels?

By Mary | Updated: May 14, 2021

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For all the garden enthusiasts who are looking foar a controlled environment in which they can grow their plants, one of the best available solutions which can be taken into consideration would be polycarbonate greenhouses.

They have recently become prominent because they are seen as better alternatives than those made from other materials such as glass.

In short, greenhouses are gardens that are inside houses made of glass. That is why greenhouses are also referred to as glasshouses at times. But there are also greenhouses which are made up of plastic, their walls and roofs are made of polyethylene films and polycarbonate materials.

They provide better control over your gardening. As the sunlight enters the greenhouse, the air inside warms up; the heat inside it and near the ground is maintained by the warm glass or plastic walls and roofs.

Greenhouses are incredibly beneficial for growing your plants, but you must make sure that proper ventilation is maintained inside them.

Appropriate air circulation will provide optimal humidity and temperature. Fresh air is vital for the plants to breathe and photosynthesize.

There are many variants of greenhouses available in the market based on different sizes, designs, and companies.


polycarbonate greenhouse

What Is A PC Greenhouse?

Polycarbonate greenhouses are a new form of garden building which has been introduced in the past as a substitute for those which are traditionally made of aluminum or glass.

Many manufacturers have considered the use of polycarbonate in the past years because of the benefits which it offers, as well as the advantages over other materials which were commonly used for greenhouses.

Benefits of Using Poly Hothouses

The popularity of polycarbonate as a material for greenhouses can be attributed to the fact that it offers some advantages, as compared to the elements which were used in the past to build such gardening infrastructures.

Compared to glass, polycarbonate is less susceptible to the possibility of breakage, even though it is just as transparent as glass.

Several tests in the past have been concluded, and it proved the same thing: poly greenhouses are almost unbreakable.

Compared to traditional materials, polycarbonate is more efficient because of its ability to maintain the internal temperature.

It also has a beneficial way of diffusing sunlight, making it possible for more progressive growth of your plants.

Polycarbonate greenhouses are lighter compared to glass. This, however, does not mean that it is not stronger. As noted, it is almost unbreakable after it has been tested using numerous hard materials such as rocks to test its strength.

It is made available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit individual preferences and requirements. They can even be customized based on own specifications.

Buying Greenhouse Kit and Building It

One of the easiest ways to build a hothouse is to buy a greenhouse kit and to do it yourself. These kits can be found in a variety of sizes and materials and even purchased online.

Nursery kits come with every little thing you would need to construct it in your garden, except for the plants themselves.

These have poles with tube connectors which can easily be attached to form a frame. Next comes the plastic which can be zipped up with a zipper to protect the plants from pests and bad weather. These PVC covers can be wrapped up to let in the air when needed and closed as required.

The shelves that come with these are used to maximize space and increase the number of plants to be put in.


Building Greenhouse From A Scratch

Building a greenhouse from scratch can be pretty challenging and time-consuming. Not only that but it requires a lot of goods, materials, and expertise as well. One has to start off with a blueprint and a list of necessary items.

These are the raw materials for the frames which can be of metal, plastic, or wood. Then the connectors to join them together. One then has to attach all of these to form a frame.

Next, you have to build the shelves of the same materials and attach them as required. The cover can be made from plastic or glass. If you need to attach the glass elements, it is best to get experts to avoid accidents.

Where Can You Buy Polycarbonate Greenhouses?

Because PC greenhouses are so popular, they can also be bought through different channels.

If you are looking for convenience, the best way to search for this product is through online shopping. There is an endless list of polycarbonate greenhouse suppliers within your community.

If you have the time, you can go to the nearest shops which sell gardening items. This is a good alternative if you would want to see the actual product before making any final purchase. This is a safer option than online shopping, although it would require time and effort.

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