Ryobi Electric And Gas String Trimmers Reviews For 2023

By Mary | Updated: March 20, 2023
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Ryobi Limited is a Japanese manufacturer that specializes in producing pro-featured outdoor products and power tools which are incredibly affordable and of high quality. As a result, the Ryobi tools are a popular choice for thousands of homeowners who want to make sure that everything at home is well taken care of.

Among the many products that brand is well known are its tools for gardening and other outdoor tools, such as chainsaws, pressure washers, cultivators, mowers, generators, and hedge and string trimmers.

One of the things that makes Ryobi different from other gardening tool manufacturers is that it makes both electric and gas-powered weed eaters cater to the varying needs of customers.

Ryobi comes with 5 electric and 4 gas powered models to choose from.

Ryobi P2008 18-Volt electric weed trimmer


Ryobi Electric String Trimmers

The Ryobi cordless trimmer product line consists of 4 cordless models (RY40225, RY40220, RY40210A, and RY24210A) and one hybrid model – the Ryobi ZRP2210 One+ – which can be used in cordless mode or plugged in.

Ryobi cordless weed eaters RY40225 and RY40220 are basically the same attachment-capable (Ryobi calls this feature Expand-It) model, but the former is available as separate power head with no attachments, and the latter comes together with trimmer attachment.

Ryobi ZRP2210

Ryobi ZRP2210 One+ 18V hybrid tool uses 18 Volt Lithium-Ion battery which comes with fade-free power. Thanks to the technology used the battery will hold the charge for extended run time. The hybrid feature also lets you use the trimmer while it is plugged in.

Because it is cordless and battery-powered, there is no need to yank on the starter cord, mixing gas and oil, nor dragging around of extension cords. Despite being powerful, this model is light and well balanced.


  • 18-volt battery
  • 12in cutting width
  • Adjustable shaft and handle
  • Can be used in corded and cordless mode

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Ryobi Gas Weed Wackers

The current Ryobi gas trimmer product line includes three models with 2 cycle engines (straight shaft RY28140, curved shaft RY28020, and Power Head with no attachments – RY28100) and three 4 cycle models (straight shaft RY34446, curved shaft RY34426, and separate Power Head RY34005).

When you are browsing the Amazon.com website, you will also find other older models like the popular RY26520. Amazon sells manufacturer refurbished units at lower prices, and usually, you can find great deals there.

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Expand-It Attachments

As mentioned before, the Expand-It attachments let you turn your weed trimmer into a brush cutter, cultivator, and other tools.

Important note – Ryobi Expand-It attachments are compatible with Toro, Weed Eater, and Troy Bilt trimmers.

Standard Features of a Ryobi Weed Eaters

  • The shaft can rotate for easy edging
  • Telescopic rod for user comfort
  • Pivoting head feature allows trimming under obstacles and on slopes

According to Ryobi best weed eater reviews you can find online, these are some of the most popular models.

Ryobi RY253SS

Ryobi RY253SS gas weed trimmer is powered by powerful 26cc 2 cycle engine. This engine is built using dual piston rings that increase the compression which means it has more power than other engines with similar displacement. For more durability, it has a hard chrome plated cylinder and the StartEasy flip-and-go system.

It is Expand-It attachment capable so that you can build the complete gardening tool set around this unit.

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