Best Square Fire Pit Tables For Back Yards And Patios – Gas And Wood Burning Firepits

By Mary | Updated: May 21, 2018

If you are looking for an addition to your outdoor seating area, Best Square Fire Pit Tables 2018 – you shall just love these things!

These firepit tables work a treat and are beautiful. Not giving off a lot of heat yet does warm the area and adds a truly wonderful ambiance.

Warm your hands over the fire or you may hang your cold feet. Wide enough for full plates of food, hot toddies, cocoa, and other foodstuffs.

Looking amazing, it’s perfect to sit around it. Get many compliments from your friends as they chat with you on your patio. Chat and stay warm while enjoying the heat and glow of the fire.

Best Gas Burning Square Fire Pit Tables

Firepits With Tile Mantel

Uniflame GAD1001BGas Burning Square Firepits with Tile Mantel add a beautiful accent to your outdoor patio. It is much like a campfire, putting out a good bit of heat, but with plenty of space for your wine glasses or to put anything up. You don’t have to store wood or deal with the smoke and ashes. Just love it and spend time sitting around it as a family in your own yard.

If you are looking for the best option within this product category, one that I can recommend is the Uniflame GAD1001B. It has 30,000 BTU, which, I am sure, will make it possible to produce the right amount of heat that is needed during a cold weather.

Also from Uniflame, another model that I can recommend is the GAD1391SP. In terms of aesthetics, I only have good words for this product, the same way that it has been the reason for the high level of satisfaction of other users. Aside from the tile mantel, it also has faux wood to complete its visual appeal.

Another brand that I can see as popular in this category is the Sierra Fire Pit with a square burner from The Outdoor Great Room Company, which has 80,000 BTU. Moe so, it is also available with rectangular burner, which has 60,000 BTU. Whether you choose the rectangular or square model, you can be assured that you will be provided with the right amount of heat that is needed with a product that s a snap in terms of its operations.

Firepits With Marble Or Granite Mantel

Blue Rhino GAD860SPGas Burning rectangular fire pit tables with marble or granite mantel will charm out any venue, an absolute stunning centerpiece. These have porcelain steel bowl. There’s sure a plenty of heat to keep the group warm, with extended burn time and shall give you years of outdoor fun. Look forward to using your patio more as there is something about fire that makes people gather.

More so, if you prefer fire pits with marble or granite mantel and not tile mantel, one of the possible options that I can recommend is the Uniflame GAD1200B. It is well-designed, which contributes to its functionality and durability. Although it may require more than two hours for the assembly of this model, this is already one of the easiest to put together amongst all the choices available.

You might also want to take a look at Blue Rhino GAD860. To make it look more authentic, the control panel is hidden, but you can still be assured that the electronic ignition switch is easily accessible allowing you to start it easily. More so, I like the fact that the marble mantel is handcrafted, making it look more attractive.

Lastly, I also find the Newcastle Fire Table from Bond as an option that is worth considering. It has a push-button ignition that will allow you to start it easily. Like the earlier mentioned, it is also good in terms of its visual appeal. In order to make it produce the amount of heat that is needed, there is a need to install a 20-pound propane tank, which is not included in the package.

Best Wood Burning Square Firepits

Pleasant Hearth Bradford Square Natural Slate 34-Inch Fire Pit with Copper AccentsWood Burning Square firepit tables do enhance your outdoor living area. With a gorgeous built, acts as a decorative pit, and can be doubled as an attractive cocktail table, a perfect patio furniture. Put up the heat and warm up those evening gatherings of yours with your friends, or you may stay warm outdoors, enjoying the comfort of your deck chair, breathing fresh air in that starry evening.

If you want fire pits that use wood instead of gas, one of the models that I can recommend is Fire Sense Mission Style square firepit. It is embellished with Tuscan stone tile, which is not only decorative but also functional. The fire screen of this unit is covered with paint that as the ability to resist heat, giving you the assurance of its longevity.

Another model that I assert as being commendable in this product category is the Old World cocktail table fire pit from Fire Sense. This unit comes with a steel cover, which will make it possible for you to transform the firepit into a cocktail table when there is no need for the warmth that can be provided by the unit. It is constructed of high-grade steel, which also makes it last for long, even in spite of frequent use.

If you want a product that is excellent in terms of appearance, the 34-in firepit from Asia Direct is an option that will not lead to frustration. It has a gleaming marble to that becomes even more attractive if it is struck by the sun, making it perfect for the garden or patio. More so, another thing that makes it look good is the furniture-style stand.