Strathwood St Thomas Cast Aluminum Fire Pit With Table Review

By Mary | Updated: May 21, 2018

We all love the outdoors, I am sure of that. In my case, by the time that I built my own house, I made sure that I have a patio overlooking a beautiful garden where I can entertain my guests.

This is one of my favorite places at home, and my guests agree with me that it is the best place to host gatherings.

However, one problem is the weather. It is not summer year-round. It becomes harder to entertain your guests outside when you know that the temperature is chilling.

In this case, I suggest that you buy a high quality outdoor fire pit, which is highly effective in the provision of the warmth that is needed.

While there are many fire pits that are available in the market today, not all of them are the same.

Strathwood St. Thomas Cast-Aluminum Fire Pit with TableThere are some made with excellent quality, while there are also some that are inferior in terms of functionality and will bring you nothing but provision.

One of the models that I can recommend, which I also personally use, is the Strathwood St.Thomas Cast-Aluminum Fire Pit With Table.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying A Fire Pit

  • Material: Like in buying any other product, the material that is used will be indicative of the quality and durability of the fire pit. Some of the most common materials that are used in this product include cast aluminum, iron, copper, and steel, among others. Make sure to select a material that will prove to be excellent in terms of longevity and production of heat.
  • Price: This is very critical for those who are working under limited financial resources. Make sure to take a look at as many models as possible, as this will provide you with the opportunity to compare them on the basis of your price tag. Remember, however, that being cheap does not necessarily mean being good.
  • Design: The firepit will be set in a place where you entertain your guests. You do not want to be humiliated by choosing a design that does not look good. The designs can vary based on the material, color, and other factors. There are fire pits with table, which makes t not only look good, but also more functional.
  • Ease of Use: For sure, no one would want to have a fire pit that has a complicated design and that will require a lot of effort to use. To end up with high level of satisfaction, make sure to choose one that is a snap to assemble and that will not require you to sweat every time that it is to be used.
  • Safety: It is also important to choose a firepit that is excellent in terms of safety. It is not enough that the product looks good, it should also be safe. Make sure that the material that is used is not combustible and that it will not lead into starting a fire that can surely scare your guests.

Strathwood St. Thomas Cast-Aluminum Table Firepit Review

Table2This ensemble is a perfect addition to the fire pits that are produced by Strathwood. Like the other models, this is an excellent choice in terms of quality, which is generally the reason on why it is given five-star rating by many of the people who have used such in the past.This model of fire pit has a height of 22.5 inches, diameter of 42 inches, and weight of 44 pounds.

This is very light, making it easy to transfer from one location to another. Its diameter is also just the right size, making it the perfect choice for most patios.One of the features that make this product an excellent choice is the fact that it is all-weather. This simply means that you can leave in on the outdoors in spite of the changes in the weather.

Over time, you will notice that the quality does not deteriorate even if it is exposed to the heat of the sun, rain, and snow, among other external elements. The material that is used can resist rusting, making it excellent when it comes to durability.

All of the materials that are used in the production of this table with firepit have superior quality. The aluminum makes it able to withstand long time use. More so, it is also sand casted and has a powder-finish, making it able to last longer.

While there are many products that act as a fire pit alone, this model is more functional as it includes a round table where you and your friends can gather. With such, aside from providing you with the warmth that is needed on a cold weather, it can also serve as an ornamental piece on the patio, especially because it has a visually-appealing design.

User Reviews

In many of the reviews that I have read about this product, one thing that is being lauded by its users is the fact that it is easy to assemble. There is no need to exert much time an effort in order to put the pieces together and start using the product.

There were also many who have expressed their satisfaction over the fact that this product is well-designed. I can personally attest to this claim. From the way it looks, it is very easy to tell that it has excellent aesthetics. It has good details that make it a good ornamental piece to have even if the firepit is not used, the table in itself will already prove to be functional and a beautiful addition to any patio.

Lastly, it is also given positive feedbacks because of the materials that were used. For instance, many have liked that it is made from aluminum, which makes this piece of furniture lightweight but not looking inferior or cheap. Also, since it is weather-resistant, there is no need to keep it in when raining or snowing, which minimizes the effort in maintain its best possible quality.

Additional Items to Consider

When buying this product, I also recommend that you buy the Strathwood Veranda Round Fire Pit Cover, which will allow you to protect the product from external elements. Even if it is weather-resistant, the cover will provide it with more protection against potential damages.

I also suggest that you consider purchasing the Strathwood St. Thomas Cast Aluminum Swivel Dining Arm Chair, which comes in a set of two. Since the model of fire pit come with a table, it will look best when partnered with chairs that complement its overall design.